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  • Rachel Rodgers’ Million Dollar Dream

    Find out how We Should All Be Millionaires author and Democracy Jeans fan Rachel Rodgers helps women business owners break new ground and earn more wealth.
  • Embracing Autism: Lisa D. Valerio’s Jean Journey

    This Autism Acceptance Month, Democracy Clothing honors advocate and mother Lisa D. Valerio, founder of Fenixia Foundation and the Punta de Gloria Resort. As a brand founded on the principle of Curve Equality and Size Inclusivity, we recognize the importance of embracing people for their differences and helping to elevate their confidence. Learn more about Lisa’s Jean Journey.
  • 7 Reasons Why Skinny Jeans Are Here to Stay - Sorry Gen Z!

    Despite what you’ve heard, side parts, laugh cry emojis 😂 and your skinny jeans are still a great choice. Let’s talk options from stretchy leggings and beyond.