Democracy with Repreve®

The health of our planet is as important to us as our principle of "Curve Equality." That is why we are committed to being part of the solution in moving toward a sustainable future by investing in our planet through our products with Repreve® polyester.

Repreve is the world’s leading brand of recycled performance fiber. Repreve materials are made sustainably from recycled plastic bottles as a way to give new life to post-consumer plastics and reduce plastic pollution.

From Plastic Bottles to Quality Jeans

Made for Living in. Built to Move in. Styled for Everyday Life.

We continue to introduce a variety of styles crafted from Repreve® fabrics. Now you can look good and feel good while doing good with high quality products mindfully made from trusted recycled content.


The use of recycled polyester rather than virgin polyester produces fewer carbon emissions and requires less resources. Using recycled polyester not only helps divert plastic from ending up in our landfills or ocean, but it gives a second life to plastic bottles- a material that’s not biodegradable.

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