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Honoring Change-making Mothers and the Community They Build

Honoring Change-making Mothers and the Community They Build

As we approach Mother’s Day this May, we celebrate all who embody the essence of motherhood, from biological and adoptive mothers to stepmothers, godmothers, and grandmothers.


Mothers not only nurture the next generation but also cultivate ideas and movements that shape a better world. They are the visionaries who inspire change, the healers who mend hearts and the catalysts who bring communities together.


A Dream Realized: Circle of Mothers

Sybrina Fulton's Circle of Mothers exemplifies this truth. During a dream one night, after the loss of her son Trayvon Martin, Sybrina saw in vivid detail a gathering of women laughing, crying, and supporting each other. They were each impacted by grief, but in coming together, began to heal and find a new way forward.

Upon waking, Sybrina assembled her inner circle…friends and family who listened to her share and then helped her make her vision real. Now in its 11th year, Circle of Mothers has provided solace and strength to hundreds of mothers, empowering them to create change within their own communities.



Widening the Circle

As volunteer Ambassadors for Circle of Mothers, we've witnessed the transformative power of this healing retreat firsthand. We’ve been in awe of Sybrina’s team and how they work together to make it all possible. This May, we're committed to expanding our support, by donating a portion of every purchase made and by inviting the Democracy community to help us spread the word.



Share Your Story

Our collective support of Circle of Mothers honors the power of mothers this month. We’d also love to hear and celebrate your stories of impact. Has your motherhood journey inspired you to make a difference? Do you admire a mother who gathered her circle for positive action? Share your stories with us!


To learn more about our connection with Circle of Mothers and how you can add your support this month, visit our campaign page here.