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All in the Details

Hem Type

Each pair of jeans in our denim collection is unique in its own way. Featuring hem types purposely designed to add distinct personality and character to each style.

All in the Hem Details

"Ab"solution High Rise Round Up Boyfriend Jeans with Destroyed Hem $88.00 USD
Washed Mocha
Washed Sand
Available in 2 colors

What the f?


Features refer to the details that are part of the construction of the that add distinct personality and character to each style.

Twisted Seam Side Slit

Twisted Seam with Slits

Double Split Fray with Side Slit

Raw Hem Pulled Strings

Reverse Micro Fray

Chewed Fray

Cuffed Raw Hem with Destruction

Chewed Hem

A Step by Step Guide

How to Hem Jeans

Hemming jeans is a simple task that can be completed with just a few supplies and a little bit of know-how. Explore fashion creativity through this article and follow along as we outline the steps necessary to hemming your jeans like a pro!

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