• Three Generations: Working It From Home

    In the wake of a global health crisis, home has become the center of our worlds. Our whole lives unfold right where we live. And, thanks to a special partnership we’ve been building with the Home Shopping Network, Democracy Clothing fashion now reaches you at yours!
  • Turning the Page Toward Inclusive Representation and Understanding - Natalie’s #JeanJourney 

    At Democracy, we love to follow the Jean Journeys of trailblazing women making a difference in the world. We are honored to amplify the voices of change-makers like Natalie McDonald-Perkins.
  • Shift With Change: Nancy’s #JeanJourney

    Nancy Netherland, an advocate for her own medically complex kids and founder of an organization that serves parents just like her, has learned how to shift with the changes thrown her way in her life and in her body. She’s a long time Democracy fan so we’ve asked her to share how she adapts to uncertain times and how her jeans help her take on a rapidly-shifting world.