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Honoring Female Trailblazers from A New Way of Life Reentry Project (ANWOL)

Honoring Female Trailblazers from A New Way of Life Reentry Project (ANWOL)

Join us for a special Women’s History Month campaign where $1 of every order throughout March will assist the transformative programs of A New Way of Life Reentry Project. Help us deepen the impact of this female-founded non-profit that uplifts formerly incarcerated women and meets them with support, dignity, and opportunity.


This Women’s History Month, we celebrate the transformation and empowerment of trailblazing women who lead organizations like A New Way of Life Reentry Project (ANWOL). Founded in 1998 by Susan Burton, and led today by Co-Director Pamela Marshall, ANWOL stands as a beacon of hope for women seeking healing, renewal, and opportunity after incarceration.


A renowned criminal justice advocate, it was Susan’s past that became the fuel for her to chart a new course. Following the death  of her 5-year-old son, the weight of her grief spiraled, causing her to cycle in and out of prison for nearly two decades.  After being released from prison for the sixth time, she was finally able to access recovery services in an affluent area of Los Angeles County and became determined to bring these same services to women in areas plagued by poverty and over-incarceration.


Meeting a Unique Need

In the face of rising incarceration rates, women find themselves with fewer resources and support systems than their male counterparts. Despite the recent 700% rise in the female prison population, only 4% of women in that population received outside help with reentry, while 90% of incarcerated men have access to that same help.


A New Way of Life has addressed that gap head-on and grown into an internationally recognized non-profit organization that promotes healing, leadership development, and recovery for formerly incarcerated women. In the two decades since its formation, ANWOL has provided housing to over 1,700 women and their children, reunited over 400 parents with their children, and provided pro bono legal services to over 4,000 formerly incarcerated individuals.



Aligned Missions: A Personal Connection

At Democracy Clothing, we resonate deeply with ANWOL's mission of caregiving, supporting women and instilling confidence. Our connection to ANWOL began last year with a visit to a neighboring LA location, where we treated the women on their staff to an “Ab”solution “Jean Whisperer” experience. That day, the female staff members, who so often care for others, had the experience of being taken care of themselves, personally fitted and gifted with Democracy Clothing.

Next, we welcomed several of their female residents, all mothers, to our Democracy Studio, where we helped them curate a new Democracy Clothing wardrobe, built on the principle of Curve Equality, and gave them a glam session with hair and makeup, followed by a confidence-building photo shoot. As it unfolded, they honored us by sharing their stories. Later, we featured one of the participants, Shaniah Stewart, as a Democracy model on our website and in a Jean Journey blog post, where Shaniah shared her commitment to become a social worker and help other women like her… a shining example of ANWOL’s impact.



Making History Together

ANWOL demonstrates what’s possible when women use lessons from their past to make transformational change for the future. In creating ANWOL, Susan has blazed a new trail, one that enables women like Shaniah and the others we met, to rebuild their lives after incarceration and chart their own empowered path ahead.


As we honor Women's History Month, join us in making history together by supporting ANWOL. Every Democracy Clothing purchase this month contributes to our collective effort to provide resources for formerly incarcerated women as they reintegrate into society and create brighter futures. You can also add-on your own donation at check-out. Visit our ANWOL page on our website to learn more and show your support.

#ANWOL #WomensHistoryMonth #Empowerment #SocialImpact #DemocracyInAction



Democracy’s Social Impact Statement

At Democracy Clothing, we believe in the power of women to create positive change in the world. That’s why we spotlight and contribute to organizations and initiatives that help women overcome challenges and make a difference in their communities. Feeling good and looking good while doing good.