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The Story Behind Our Sustainable Denim

The Story Behind Our Sustainable Denim

"Ab"solution Petite Cropped Itty Bitty Flare with Embroidered Hem

It has never been more important than now to think green when it comes to our fashion choices. And no, we don’t mean the color. Over the last few years, we at Democracy Clothing have committed to being part of the solution in moving toward a sustainable future and making it easier for our customers to do the same.


Through the use of REPREVE® fabrics, we’ve been able to support the decrease in carbon emissions, reduce the amount of non-biodegradable materials in our landfills, and keep you looking and feeling your best in every denim silhouette.



Democracy Clothing & Sustainability
"Ab"solution Petite Cropped Itty Bitty Flare with Embroidered Hem

Since denim is one of the categories of production that contributes to pollution, we have been seeking ways to minimize our impact on the planet as we continue to bring you great-looking styles. You know we’re all about our jeans, and because REPREVE® fabrics utilize recycled polyester in the construction of denim, their material became an easy choice for our eco-friendly “Ab”solution® line.


The health of our planet is as important to us as our principle of “Curve Equality,” and we thankfully haven’t had to sacrifice one for the other. By investing in our planet through our products with REPREVE® polyester, we can continue our sustainable growth journey without compromising on the quality or universal fit of our “Ab”solution® jeans.




What Makes Our Denim Made with REPREVE® Sustainable?
"Ab"solution Petite Kick Flare Jeans with Double Layer Fray Hem

REPREVE® is the world’s leading brand of recycled performance fiber. Their materials are made sustainably from recycled plastic bottles to give new life to post-consumer plastics and reduce plastic pollution, having so far repurposed more than 40 billion plastic bottles (4,300 every minute).


Using recycled polyester rather than virgin polyester produces fewer carbon emissions, diverts plastic from ending up in our landfills or ocean, and it gives a second life to plastic bottles. By integrating more REPREVE® fabrications into our line of jeans, we are helping to make our body-friendly denim more planet-friendly, too.



The Same Great-Fitting Jeans, But Better for the Planet
"Ab"solution Petite Kick Flare Jeans with Double Layer Fray Hem

When it comes to making eco-conscious decisions around fashion, we can all do our part. Opting for our REPREVE® denim bottoms allows you to look good and feel good while doing good, as each pair of our high-quality sustainable jeans is designed with the “Ab”solution® fit technology you know and love, mindfully made from trusted recycled content. We will continue to introduce a variety of styles crafted from REPREVE® fabrics that are flattering to the body and friendly to the planet.


We can all make a difference to the planet by forgoing fast fashion and investing in mindfully crafted products, designed to maximize your assets while reducing your carbon footprint.


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