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Style Inspired by The Zodiac Sign, Gemini

Style Inspired by The Zodiac Sign, Gemini

If you’re ever in need of some fashion inspiration, sneaking a peek at the characteristics of your (or someone else’s) zodiac sign could help. Your individual personality makes a huge impact on the way you dress, whether you’re more of a laid-back dresser or love polished precision. Regardless of whether you’re a Gemini or you simply admire another Gemini’s fashion sense, this guide can help you dress like the star sign and express yourself in an entirely new way. 


To dress like a Gemini, you may want to explore outfits that accentuate your playful, expressive side. This zodiac sign is known to be outgoing, curious, charming, and versatile, and the Gemini’s motto is: “I think.” So, as you figure out your style, keep these key characteristics in mind.  


All About the Gemini 

If you were born between May 21 – June 20, you’re a Gemini! This air sign is represented by the twins Castor and Pollux, known as Dioscuri in Greek mythology, and it is ruled by Mercury (the messenger planet of communication which represents the mind and intellect). Other air signs like the Aquarius and Libra are considered to be your most compatible matches. The Gemini’s birthstone can be either an emerald if born in May or a pearl if born in June, the latter being the only organic birthstone. 


A Gemini tends to lean towards a playful and intellectually curious disposition, often opting for social gatherings and hobbies as they’re known as the social butterflies of the zodiac. These traits can benefit your individual style, whether you’re looking for the perfect printed ensemble to be the life of the party or you’re deciding on which colors best represent your lively spirit. 


Famous People Who Share the Same Sign 
  • Naomi Campbell 
  • Marilyn Monroe 
  • John F Kennedy 
  • Angelina Jolie 
  • Morgan Freeman 
  • Nicole Kidman 
  • Bob Dylan 
  • Sir Ian McKellen 
  • Natalie Portman 


Looks Inspired by Your Zodiac Sign: Gemini 


Colors of the Gemini 

When it comes to selecting colors that align with this air sign, pay close attention to the colors you feel most pulled toward. Saturated, bright tones like pinks, blues, and purples can amplify the bubbly nature of the Gemini. Warm summery hues can also help you tap into this star sign’s charming nature, so you really can’t go wrong with a fun pop of color. 



Warm & Summery Hues 

Geminis are born right around the beginning of summer and have an exuberant spirit that’s best paired with warm, summery hues. Whether you’re looking for a soft knit top or a chic woven top, solid colors like canyon rock and multi color styles are a fun choice. You don’t need to go bold to capture the essence of summer, as soft shades of orange or pink paired with blue jeans or a neutral-colored skirt can add a touch of warmth to your look. 


Top 1: Origami Cap Sleeve Scoop Neck Multi Color Stripe Printed Knit Top 

Top 2: Above Elbow Bubble Sleeve Square Crochet Neck Woven Top 



Eye-Catching Florals 

A slightly whimsical approach to your outfits can help you play the part of a Gemini with ease. Try out pretty, eye-catching floral prints to lean into this zodiac sign’s feminine aesthetic, whether with a big and bold pattern, or small and abstract. A floral-printed tank top or short sleeve style can be great options for a gathering with friends, date night, or a casual daytime ensemble. Plus, additional style details, like ruffles, embroidery, or flutter sleeves, can elevate your florals even more. 


Top 1: Short Flutter Sleeve Half Placket Print Knit Top 

Top 2: Sleeveless Ruched Ruffle Stand Collar Floral Print Woven Tank Top 




Versatile & Feminine Styles 

The Gemini is represented by the twins because of their duality and ability showcase multiple aspects of their personalities at once. One of the best ways to do this is to enhance your wardrobe with a variety chic and feminine styles that best represent all your different moods. Perhaps one day you’ll lean into your fun and flirty side with ruffle cap sleeves and rhinestones; Maybe the next day, you’ll be in the mood for bubble sleeves and pretty embroidery. Having several options that play well with your basics mean you can switch up your fashion sense on a dime. 


Top 1: Ruffle Cap Sleeve Scoop Neck Abstract Print Knit Top with Rhinestones 

Top 2: Above Elbow Bubble Sleeve Square Crochet Neck Woven Top 



Crisp White Basics 

With all that color in your wardrobe, you’ll need a classic style in a neutral shade to balance out your looks. Not only does a skirt in a crisp optic white look great with a summery aesthetic, but it’s a versatile style you can dress up or down with ease. The Gemini is a party goer (or thrower), someone who likes to be out and about, and a star sign that enjoys a little down time. So, reach for a style that does it all while adding some lightness to your wardrobe. 


Bottoms: "Ab"solution High Rise Double Button Skirt with Patch Pockets 




Classic Blue Denim 

We all need classic blue jeans in our closet, but because a Gemini thrives on playful silhouettes and unique design details, you should expect that their take on the classic blue jean would be anything but ordinary. Whether you’re in need of shorts for the summertime or full-length jeans, you can add a dose of fun Gemini style by selecting bottoms that are made designed with chic details. This could include a frayed hem, embroidery on the back pocket, subtle fading and whiskering details, or an on-trend double peak back yoke.  


Bottoms 1: "Ab"solution High Rise Cascading "D" Pocket Clean Finish Hem Short 

Bottoms 2: "Ab"solution High Rise Double Peak Yoke Wide Leg Jean with Roll Cuff 



Your Horoscope This Month 

Things are looking up for you, Gemini! Come May 21, the sun will shift into your sign and bring with it opportunities and good fortune. Whether you’re hopeful for good news, have an interview coming up, or you have an exciting event planned around this time, you’ll be able to take advantage of a renewed sense of focus and energy. 


With this month, opportunities for new connections will arise. Keep an open mind and an open heart as you navigate a potential new relationship, be it romantic or platonic, and trust your intuition above all else. 


As a Gemini, it can be difficult leveling your anxiety as you take on new projects and put yourself out there, which is why it’s important to remember to take time out of your busy schedule sometimes. With expansive Jupiter coming into Gemini on May 25, your period of personal growth will take off. This is a great time to begin a new practice to help alleviate your daily stresses, whether you take up meditation, journaling, a morning walk, or practice breathing deeply. 


With these Gemini-inspired looks, you can show off your fun-loving spirit and express your bubbly personality all season long! 


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