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Become BFF’s With Our “Ab”solution® Fit Technology

Become BFF’s With Our “Ab”solution® Fit Technology

Best Friends Day is the perfect time to recognize and show appreciation for the dear friends you have in your life. So, as you head out to a celebratory brunch or prepare for a lowkey evening in, don’t forget about your other BFF who always has your back: our “Ab”solution® fit technology!


Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or wanting to keep comfortable indoors, you know you can count on our jeans, designed with mold-and-hold technology, to keep you looking and feeling your best. If you don’t already know about the intricate curation of your favorite denim, let’s dive deep into the structure of our “Ab”solution® jeans!


(Hint: A pair of “Ab”solution® jeans is a great way to show your best friend how much you care!)


The Anatomy of Our “Ab”solution® Jeans

Every pair of our customer-favorite jeans is thoughtfully designed for the modern woman who wants to feel confident in her own skin while looking fashionable. Our “Ab”solution® fit technology makes it possible, as our denim is curated with several features to mold, hold, boost, and control. Coupled with unrivaled fashion features, our jeans are a force to be reckoned with.

"Ab"solution High Rise Round Up Boyfriend Jean with Raw Hem


A “No Gap” Elastic Waistband

It might not seem like a crucial feature in a pair of jeans, but when you wear denim bottoms without a hidden “no gap” elastic waistband, you can feel the difference. This hidden element of our “Ab”solution® fit technology ensures your waistband lies flat on your back, no matter what you’re doing, keeping your jeans from gaping behind you. Plus, a snug yet comfortable fit and flattering silhouette are extra benefits of the elastic waistband.


 A Sweetheart Shaped Yoke
"Ab"solution Mid-Rise Double Layer Kick Flare Jean

Are you ready to boost your assets (and your confidence) like never before? Our sweetheart shaped back yoke is a signature element of our “Ab”solution® technology, as it creates a super flattering shape. The curved yoke gives the illusion of rounder rear, so you can skip working out your glutes at the gym and just slip on a pair of “Ab”solution® jeans for that instant lift.



Strategically Shaped Pockets

Did you know your shape can be contoured perfectly when you have the right pockets? Our “Ab”solution® fit technology incorporates strategically shaped back pockets, which are designed to enhance your shape. Using more surface area, they work jointly with the sweetheart shaped yoke and angled dart seams to give your booty a flattering lift effect. There are also the deliberately placed front pockets, which are curated in a way that minimizes your shape.



Interior Power Mesh Panels
"Ab"solution High Rise Cropped Glider Fray Hem Wide Leg Jean

Say goodbye to the days of wearing unnecessary and uncomfortable garments under your clothes, because our “Ab”solution® technology practically has shapewear built in. An incredibly useful aspect of these denim bottoms is the incorporation of power mesh panels, which flatten your front and give you all-day tummy control. The best part is that no one can tell, because they’re hidden in the interior of jeans.



Angled Dart Seams

Not only do dart seams around the back pocket of your jeans create a better fit, but they’re also ultra-flattering. The seaming creates a snug feel while the arrangement gives your booty a rounder look. When it comes to the design of our “Ab”solution® jeans, the dart seams connect between the yoke and pockets, as well as the side seam, giving your curves the perfect fit and a subtle enhancement that makes a big difference.



Super Stretch Premium Denim

When it comes to the actual fabric of our “Ab”solution® jeans, we only go with the best. Each pair is made with super stretch premium denim. You can feel the difference as soon as you slip them on, because they not only look great, but they feel like luxe wear. Our denim moves with you, provides plenty of stretch and give, and allows you to wear your favorite jeans all day, every day with total comfort.



This Best Friends Day, don’t forget to celebrate the bestie that always has your back: our “Ab”solution® fit technology!


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