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Style Inspired by The Taurus

Style Inspired by The Taurus

Have you ever wondered what your zodiac sign might say about your fashion sense? Everyone’s personalities can play a huge part in the way we dress, from statement staples to laid-back luxe looks. If you’re in need of some wardrobe inspiration, your star sign might be a great place to start.


As a Taurus, you may want to tap into outfits that feel comfortable and look effortlessly put together. This zodiac sign is known to be dependable, loyal, hardworking, sensual, and down-to-earth, so pick up some styles that reflect the adage a Taurus lived by: “Eat, drink, and be merry!” Dressing in styles that align with your sign can help you express yourself in a whole new way.


All About the Taurus

If you were born between April 20 – May 20, you’re a Taurus! This earth sign, represented by the bull, is ruled by Venus (the planet that reigns over love, beauty, and the finer things in life). Other earth signs like Virgos and Capricorns are considered to be your most compatible matches. The Taurus’ birthstone is an emerald, which represents beauty, balance, and harmony with its stunning green hue.


While your loyalty and determination as a Taurus can make you a phenomenal friend to those in your life and may serve you well at work, you may also be perceived as being stubborn and resistant to change. So, as you discover these styles inspired by your star sign, try to keep an open mind!


Famous People Who Share the Same Sign
  • Adele
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • George Clooney
  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Jessica Alba
  • Cher
  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • David Beckham
  • Janet Jackson


Outfits Inspired by Your Zodiac Sign: Taurus


Colors of the Taurus

When it comes to selecting colors that align with this earth sign, pay attention to the shades you feel pulled toward. You can best tap into your Taurus style with earthy tones, neutrals, and easy-to-wear shades of mocha, blue, and off-white.


Bohemian Earth Tones

A Taurus is often not afraid to stand out with bold design details, so this woven kimono is a great place to start. With the border print, scallop sleeves, and intricate white embroidery, this layering essential adds bohemian accents to any look. Pair it with the matching woven tank top, which mirrors these earthy tones and feminine details with the multi color patchwork crochet hem. You can style these pieces with blue jeans for a relaxed, colorful outfit, or trousers in a neutral shade.




Laid-Back Luxe

Matching ensembles make getting dressed a breeze while maintaining a polished and put together style. These lightweight “Ab”leisure joggers with a toggle hem are the perfect staple piece for getting things done or lounging at home without sacrificing stylish details for a comfortable fit. For extra style points, pair them with the matching utility jacket in a seashell colorway, which instantly ties your look together with patch pockets and an adjustable drawstring hem. Coordinated and comfortable is the name of the game here.



Flirty & Feminine

No matter your star sign, everyone needs a look they can change into to feel their best, feminine self. This pretty woven dress is perfect for Taurus-loved activities like spending time with your gal pals, enjoying a serene day in the sun, or going out with your significant other. With flirty flutter sleeves, a mandarin collar, and a self-tie waist, this style accentuates all of your assets and gives you that down-to-earth look with its shade of light blue and semi-casual skirt.




Cool Capsule Pieces for the Summer

A Taurus’ capsule wardrobe starts with neutral shades and ends with a figure-flattering fit. Versatility is key, so opt for styles like this knit tee with a crochet pocket, which plays well with anything from jeans in a dark wash to light-colored skirts. Another great piece to have on hand is a chic woven top in an earthy shade of mocha. Something you can dress up or down with a colorful pattern always serves a warm-weather wardrobe well.



A Pop of Color

Show off the fun energy of your star sign with an unexpected pop of color. Just because you’re grounded in earth energy doesn’t mean you can’t shake things up with a fashion-forward style, so select a top in an off-white shade and add to it! This embroidered knit tee gives laid-back energy, but the marble pattern with bursts of blue, orange, pink, green, and black allow you to coordinate the colors of your accessories or bottoms with ease. The same can be said for this woven Johnny collar top, which uses abstract embroidery to incorporate a colorful element.




Pretty Pattern Play

What better way to embrace earthy tones this season than with a little pattern play? These “Ab”solution® cargo shorts say, “I’m down for an adventure,” with its flap pockets, mauve taupe multi color shades, and a leafy camo print. Whether you’re heading out for a hike, beach day, or soaking up some “me time,” this style embraces your Taurus spirit and will pair well with your other neutral tops and comfortable layering essentials.




Your Horoscope This Month

April may have come with its share of difficulties, whether at work, in your love life, or financially. However, as the sun comes into your sign until May 21, you’re in for a fruitful month full of opportunity and growth. Take advantage of this opportunity by putting your all into a project you’re passionate about or pursuing something you’ve been putting off.


Jupiter will move into your sign about halfway through the month, which may bring a streak of good luck into your life. In addition, on the 19th a new moon will come into your sign, which can represent a positive change. Whether you’re picking up a new hobby or dropping a bad habit, this is a great time to do it.


As a Taurus, it can be hard to hit the brakes sometimes, especially when enveloped in a new project. As this month brings endless possibilities your way, be sure to find time to look after yourself as well to recharge your batteries. Leaning on those close to you can prove beneficial, especially as May draws to a close.


With these Taurus-inspired looks, you can exude an effortlessly cool, down-to-earth vibe all season long!


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