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Style Inspired by the Cancer Zodiac Sign

Have you ever thought about using your birth sign as a fashion guide? If you’re looking for fashion inspiration to flesh out your existing wardrobe or discover looks that can help you express your soft-chic side, this is the perfect place to start.

Whether you’re a Cancer or you just admire their cozy yet polished aesthetic, styles inspired by this zodiac sign can help keep you looking and feeling great all season and beyond. The motto for a Cancer is “I feel, therefore I am,” which plays on their love for ultra-comfy homebody clothes that have a fashion-forward appeal. Think casual, elegant, and perfect for everyday wear.


All About the Cancer

If you were born between June 21 and July 22, you’re a Cancer! This cardinal water sign is also known as “The Crab,” as it’s represented by the oceanic creature. Cancers are ruled by the moon (which represents maternal energy and comfort) and they’re most compatible with other fellow water signs like Pisces, or earth signs including Capricorns or Virgos. Their birthstone is the ruby, a bright red gem that is often ubiquitous with love and passion.


Cancers are usually deemed to be the most nurturing, protective, and loyal of the Zodiac signs. Their empathetic nature and inclination toward self-care are traits that can benefit your fashion choices when dressing like a Cancer. Comfort is always key for them, however they like to use on-trend details to look polished, as well.


Famous People Who Share the Same Sign
  • Meryl Streep
  • Princess Diana
  • Tom Hanks
  • Kristen Bell
  • Olivia Munn
  • Tom Cruise
  • Cyndi Lauper
  • Margot Robbie
  • Chris Pratt


Looks Inspired by Your Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Colors of the Cancer

Whenever you’re dressing like a zodiac sign, pay attention to the colors you feel most attracted to. We’re often drawn to the colors we look best in, but keep in mind too that a Cancer would opt for hues that make them feel calm, comfortable, and pretty. Think pinks, blues, whites, and pastels.


Light and Luxe
Flounce Sleeve Collared Neck Novelty Smocked Woven Top

As the temperatures begin to rise, what’s more comfortable than light hues and soft fabrics? Cancers are drawn toward styles that they can lounge in at home or go out for a night of fun, and light luxe looks can do both. A flowy woven top and flared jeans can give you the perfect amount of movement and breathability without sacrificing chic design details. Styles that include novelty smocking or embroidery make these pieces ideal for a day out, as well.


Brilliant Shades of Blue

This primary color has been scientifically proven to provoke a calm and soothing vibe and it’s synonymous with peace and tranquility; all things that a Cancer would lean into. Selecting a pair of on-trend jeans in a mid-blue acid wash give your look a casual yet chic aesthetic. For a little more vibrance and feminine detailing, a floral printed emerald teal woven top can tie your whole outfit together with splashes of color and a bohemian design.


Elegant Accents
Flutter Cap Sleeve Sweetheart Neck Knit Top

Just because this star sign enjoys a comfortable and casual aesthetic doesn’t mean their simple pleasures can’t also have some flair. A Cancer still loves to tap into their feminine spirit with elegant accents, like flutter sleeves or button pockets. A knit top with a sweetheart neckline and scallop detailing pairs well with everything from joggers to trousers, depending on your mood. Plus, you can add chic elements to your wardrobe with non-denim bottoms that feature effortless roll cuffs and a paper bag waist.


Comfy Classics
Short Triple Ruffle Sleeve Round Neck Smock Yoke Printed Woven Top

Is there anything better than a pair of great-fitting jeans? They provide comfort and flatter your curves, something a Cancer would appreciate, but when they also have on-trend elements like a destroyed scallop hem, they’ll fit into your wardrobe seamlessly. The best part about finding classics that to add to your Cancer-inspired closet is that you can mix and match them, so opting for a fun and feminine printed woven top can give you a couple staples to start your style rotation and express yourself.


Your Horoscope This Month

Prepare for a little bit of soul searching this month, Cancer! As June comes to an end, so does your time to rest and recharge those batteries as the sun has moved into your sign. You may become more self-aware in this time period, making room for any self-improvement or self-care you’ve been putting off.

Jupiter will be reigning over Gemini until about this time next year, so your period of growth and self-awareness can really kick off. Have a think about what you want to accomplish or if you’ve left anything unresolved because, with the arrival of your birthday season, this coming month is going to allow you the opportunity to act on your goals with more energy and a renewed sense of purpose.

Prepare for a fresh start this month and make the most of your down time, as there are changes on the horizon for you. Lean on your hobbies, loved ones, and get plenty of rest as emotions may run high during this month of renewal.


Use these Cancer-inspired styles to feel comfortable and confident while expressing your easy breezy spirit!


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