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What Are Jeggings: Your Ultimate Guide to the Skinniest Jean

What Are Jeggings: Your Ultimate Guide to the Skinniest Jean

In the 2000s, leggings and regular jeans had a baby, and jeggings were born. You may remember the jeggings trend culminating in the late-night commercials for Pajama Jeans with the elastic waistband as people sought a solution for the look of skinny jeans without the pinch and discomfort when lounging or sleeping. 


Nowadays, modern Jeggings can actually be a versatile and very attractive wardrobe staple. Jeggings can flatter anybody—the key is to get high-quality, well-constructed jeggings that will retain their shape. Whether you’re excited for the ‘return’ of denim jeggings (at Democracy, they never left!), or you’d like to try jeggings for the first time, we’ve got the 4-1-1. Let’s take a look. 


What Are Jeggings? 


woman wearing colored jeggings

Jeggings deliver a slim fit that hugs the body, similar to skinny jeans. But jeggings typically blend a stretchy material like spandex with denim fabric. Quality can vary significantly, but the best denim designers like Democracy are creating durable jeggings that hold up to repeated wear, offering denim jean details like pockets, belt loops, and a zip and button enclosure. 


It’s important to distinguish between jeggings and jean leggings. Jeggings have a lot more structure and durability than jean-style leggings. This structure makes them more attractive on all body types and less revealing than simple leggings. Also be sure to read our articles on:


History of Jeggings 


Jeggings are a recent invention born from blending features of the legging with the durability and look of traditional jeans. Leggings have been around for centuries and have become an essential part of many people’s wardrobes. As skinny jeans rose in prominence, many people wanted to blend the stretch of leggings with the look of the skinny jean. The result was the invention of jeggings. Democracy Clothing has been at the forefront of creating flexible, comfortable jeggings that showcase the look and detailing of denim but with plenty of stretch. 


During the early parts of the pandemic, many people reveled in the sheer comfort of stay-at-home fashions, including pajamas and sweatpants. But as time wore on, people began to look for clothing that still offered comfort but was also stylish and trendy. Mom jeans and wide trousers have had a resurgence as a result, and jeggings also have gained in popularity. 


How Should Jeggings Fit? 


woman wearing dark jeggings



Fit is where a lot of people get frustrated with the denim jegging. In fact, many moved away from jeggings because they struggled with clothing that was more like a denim legging, with fake pockets and no support. But jeggings should fit closely to your body.


Well-made jeggings should consist of a thicker fabric than leggings and should not bunch at the knee. When tight jeans became popular, many people found their close-fitting jeans felt too restrictive. Jeggings should fit like a glove but with no pinching. 


It’s also crucial to look at length when fitting your jeggings. If the pant leg is too long, the material will bunch and gather at the ankle.  



Where to Get Jeggings 


Jeggings have definitely made a comeback, and you can find them at many denim and clothing retailers. However, the key to loving your jegging look is to ensure you’re getting your women’s jeggings from a company that wants to help you look and feel your best, not just sell you another pair of pants. Democracy Clothing was founded on the belief that a woman deserves to wear clothes that enhance her personal style and boost her confidence. And that belief has guided Democracy through the years. 


How to Style Jeggings 


styled jeggings with leather jacket


Jeggings offer tons of comfort and are perfect for everyday wear. But don’t let that stop you from styling them into cute outfits with fun tops. Here are a few ways you can incorporate jeggings into your wardrobe: 


  • Pair a high waisted jegging with a crop or fitted top, a blazer, and sneakers. 
  • Create an edgy look with black jeggings, a t-shirt, and ankle boots. 
  • Style a fall-ready look with a cropped sweater, dark-wash jeggings, and heels. 
  • Contrast the slimming jegging with a flowing polyester bow blouse and lace-up boots. 
  • Try a classic white button-down shirt with jeggings and cute flats. 
  • Jeggings help you create length when you add a cotton or linen tunic and open-toed booties. 


How to Wear Jeggings 


woman wearing black jeggings


Jeggings come in an array of different colors and lengths and with a variety of details. From around the house to out on the town, jeggings can show off the best of your curves while giving you the flexibility to move freely. The jeggings of yesteryear often came with a low waist and sometimes included a boot cut or flare look. Today’s jeggings have more variety and are more flattering than ever. For example, many are wearing high rise jeggings with crop tops—a look that flatters many body types and lengthens the leg.  


In addition, don’t be afraid to go with some brightly colored jeggings that make a statement. Any body type can pull off bright and patterned jeggings by focusing on a good fit. Check your inseam to reduce or eliminate annoying bunching, and look for jeggings that lift and support your rear rather than flatten it. Finally, don’t deny yourself the pleasure of pockets if you love them. You CAN have great-looking jeggings and full pockets! 


Are Jeggings Here to Stay? 


Like many other womens denim styles, jeggings will likely stick around for a while. People are increasingly interested in clothing that looks flattering and offers comfort. More and more people are refusing to settle for poorly-fitting clothing that hurts to wear, all in the name of fashion. As a result, fashion gurus have watched the rise of mom jeans, girlfriend jeans, and now the return of jeggings.  


Trends come and go, but finding clothes you love that help you look and feel your best is the secret sauce to fashion that endures. Many are happily embracing denim jeggings as a comfortable and stylish component of their capsule wardrobes. 

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