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12 Best Shoes For Skinny Jeans

12 Best Shoes For Skinny Jeans

When it comes to styling your skinny jeans, you probably have a favorite blouse or belt in mind. Shoes on the other hand are a different story. Since skinny denim jeans have a very specific cut, choosing the perfect pair of shoes might seem tricky. Thankfully skinny jeans pair beautifully with many types of shoes.


Let’s take a look at our list of the best shoes for skinny jeans. You might already have some of these shoes in your closet. Either way, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.


Best Sneakers For Skinny Jeans


Sneakers might be the comfortable option when it comes to styling your skinny jeans, but you should know that you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for comfortability. Sneakers and tennis shoes can actually be a very trendy addition to your outfit. Be sure to check out our blog on how to wear sneakers with skinny jeans. Starting our list of sneakers, we have:


1) Canvas Sneakers


Pam Beesly truly earned her “whitest tennis shoe” Dundie award with her favorite pair of Keds. While canvas shoes look good with a pencil skirt, they look even better with a pair of skinny jeans. Canvas sneakers like Keds are very flattering with their lowrise laces, making the foot look smaller when wearing form-fitting jeans. While low-rise canvas sneakers pair well with a skinny jean, we don’t recommend wearing sneakers like Converse, as they can give your feet a disproportionate appearance.


2) Campus Sneakers


Campus sneakers have made a comeback. Not only are these sneakers trendy, but they really pop when paired with skinny jeans. The bottom hem of your skinny jeans should hit just above the sneaker tongue to show off your sneaker’s logo. Whether you’re sporting a pair of Reebok, Adidas, or Nike campus sneakers, you’ll be looking like you stepped out of a street-style photoshoot.


3) Chunky sneakers


Another sneaker that has made a comeback is chunky sneakers. They became popular in the 80s, resurfaced in the early 2000s, and now they are back and better than ever. Similar to the campus sneaker,chunky sneakers add a retro flair to any pair of skinny jeans. Give them a try, and you’ll be looking as nice as Sporty Spice herself.

Democracy Clothing Chewed Hem Colored Skinny Jeans


4) White Slip On Shoes


Really any pair of slip on or laceless shoes will compliment skinny jeans. Feel free to have fun with your pattern of Vans. However, our favorite slip on shoe is a classic pair of white Rothys. The contrast of a white slip on shoe against a dark skinny jean is the ‘chef’s kiss’ of skinny jean and sneaker combinations.  

Best Boots For Skinny Jeans


Moving down our list of the best shoes for skinny jeans, we have boots and booties. Since skinny jeans are form-fitting through the ankle, a pair of boots is a welcome addition to your outfit. Taller boots will slip naturally over your pant leg, while shorter boots will compliment your skinny cuff very nicely. Also, see our blog on how to wear booties with your skinny jeans. We want to call out our go-to boots for skinny jeans:


5) Cowboy Boots


Let’s give a loud ‘howdy’ to our first boot choice: the cowboy boot. Western boots have made a comeback, while some argue that they never went out of style. Cowboy boots obviously look great with a pair of bootcut jeans, but they look stunning when coupled with a pair of skinny

Cowboy Boots

jeans as well. You can try this look with a light wash skinny jean and an animal print boot. Another option is a blue distressed skinny jean and a white western boot.





 6) Ankle Boots


Ankle Boots

Our next boot choice is the ankle boot. Skinny jeans and ankle boots are a match made in heaven. One reason they work so well together is that ankle boots sit right at the hem of the skinny jean, highlighting the form fit of the pant leg. While that creates a gorgeous contrast, ankle boots also dress up a skinny jean. This is especially the case if your ankle boot has a heel. A heeled ankle bootie makes your feet look smaller and your legs look longer.


7) Combat Boots


Next, we have combat boots. Depending on your individual style, combat boots might be the boot of choice for you. Similar to cowboy boots, skinny jeans tuck nicely into your combat boots. They offer an edgy and sometimes grungy look to your overall style. A pair of original Dr. Martens are a quality combat boot to try wearing with some distressed skinny jeans.

Combat Boots 

Best Flats For Skinny Jeans


Similar to sneakers, a pair of flats matches well with a skinny jean inseam. While sneakers can keep things casual or add a little edge, flats can really turn up the class of an outfit. Flats also come in many varieties, so there are several directions you can take with a flat shoe and skinny jean combination.


8) Loafers


Our first flat shoe on the list is a classic loafer. You can never go wrong with a loafer and skinny jean combination. Loafers are another shoe on the list that can really dress up a skinny jean. Pair some loafers, a dark skinny jean, and a blazer together and you have a work-ready fit. Chunky loafers specifically are very trendy right now –not only do they give you extra height, they level up your entire outfit.


9) Ballet Flats


Another flat option is a traditional ballet flat. Rothy’s has become a popular ballet flat to try. While flats don’t offer a lot of support, they are a comfortable and breathable option. They also look very flattering when coupled with skinny jeans. Be sure to wear no-show socks for style and maximum comfort.


10) Mules


The last flat shoe on the list is the quintessential mule. Similar to loafers, a pair of leather mules can add a touch of elegance to a skinny jean look. They can really dress up the overall outfit and are a great option when wearing skinny jeans to the office.


Best Heels For Skinny Jeans


Heels with a skinny jean are such an iconic combo. Not only do heels make your legs look longer and more toned, but the tightness of skinny jeans will highlight your legs and glutes.  While there are many heeled shoes to choose from, we have picked our favorite heels to wear with a pair of skinny jeans.   


11) Platform Sandals


Like many shoes on our list, platform sandals have made a comeback. They pair well with skinny jeans, give you extra height, and elevate your overall look. Chunky platform sandals have become especially trendy lately. Throw on some skinny jeans, step into some chunky platform sandals, and strut your stuff.  


12) Wedges



Wrapping up our list, the last shoe is another fabulous heel. Not only are wedged heels easy shoes to walk in, but they’re also easy on the eyes. A sexy wedged heel can keep your skinny jeans casual while toning your calves and highlighting your legs. 


Choosing Your Shoe and Skinny Jean Combo


All in all, there are many routes you can take when styling your skinny jeans. Whatever your vibe, know any of these shoes will match your skinny jeans and that you’ll look fabulous wearing them. Also, check out our blog on slim vs skinny jeans to learn more about your favorite jeans.