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7 Reasons Why Skinny Jeans Are Here to Stay - Sorry Gen Z!

7 Reasons Why Skinny Jeans Are Here to Stay - Sorry Gen Z!

If you haven’t heard, Generation Z decided skinny jeans, side parts and the laugh-cry emoji 😂 are no longer cool. If you’re someone who has discovered the magic of stretchy jeans, how flattering a side part can be and how perfectly the laughing crying emoji captures your feelings, this information might sting a bit. 


That said, here’s the skinny on why skinny jeans truly are always & forever, in our closet, and probably in yours too. 



 1. Comfort. One of the objections to skinnies is that they are oppressively tight. That might be true for some skinny jeans, but not when you’re wearing Democracy’s  signature "Ab”solution® jegging jeans. We have stretchy jeggings that give you a cozy embrace without the squeeze of a traditional skinny. 


2. Support. The light pressure of stretchy jeggings is about supporting without strangling your lower body. We’ve found just the right amount of support that won’t leave you feeling stifled so you can take on your day with fit confidence. 


3. Originality. Fashion is about self-expression. There’s  something to be said for a timeless, signature look that reflects who you are. With Democracy, your individual style vote matters. 


4. Options. All skinny jeans are not the same. Democracy has a range of skinny fits that comfortably shape and smooth your curves.  You’ve got freedom of choice and “skinny” can be relative. You deserve to get a fit you love! 


5. If it ain’t broke. The truth is, it took some time for folks to get comfy with jeans and once skinny jeans arrived with all that stretch, it changed lives. Through trial and error, the fashion industry came up with choices we could all agree on. Now that we have something that’s working for so many body shapes, there’s no reason to throw it all away. See recent Refinery 29 article by Marie Southard Ospina here.


6. It doesn’t have to be either or. If you’re feeling inspired to try some new things after you’ve been notified you’re no longer cool, you can always integrate some new fits into your wardrobe without saying goodbye to your old favorites. You don’t have to be monogamous to one jean style, you can play the field! 


7. It’s not a uniform. You can mix up your look from day to day. One day you’re showing up in skinnies, the next day you could be showing off in an itty bitty boot. You don’t have to wear the same thing every day to have everyday comfort. You can selectively participate in trends and branch out without pledging allegiance to one fit of jeans. After all, variety is the spice of life!


If you worry about not being hip anymore, never fear. We have the “Ab”solution to your fashion fears. Whatever Democracy jeans you decide to zip up, the fashion police can just zip it, because it’s all about what makes you feel confident in the world and that’s what really matters. No matter which side (part) you are on, we can all find something to laugh-cry emoji 😂 about together.


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