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How to Wear Sneakers with Skinny Jeans in 2023

Look and listen, skinny jeans and sneakers will always be a dynamic duo. That’s right, it’s 2023 and we are very much in love with skinny jeans and the sneakers that they pair with. Be sure to check out our article on the best shoes for skinny jeans to see the entire list.


Most sneakers look great with skinny jeans, but we want to give you some additional tips and tricks on which sneakers to choose from and how to style them in 2023. Regardless of your shoe style, this guide will help you find the perfect sneaker to elevate your skinny jean game.


 Breaking Down the Different Types of Sneakers


While there are many sneakers on the market, we are going to highlight some trendy and timeless options to choose from when wearing them with your skinny jeans.


absolution light pink colored denim chewed hem and denim jacket
  • Canvas sneakers - typically a lowrise shoe made from canvas material. These are going to be your Keds or Rothy’s -esque canvas shoes
  • Campus sneakers- a retro lower profile sneaker usually repping a louder logo. Many big brands like Rebok, Adidas, and Nike have started to bring these court shoes back
  • Chunky sneakers - big in the 2000’s and have made a comeback in 2023, they have an oversized appearance and are most commonly purchased in white. Fila is a good example of a popular chunky sneaker brand
  • Plimsoll sneakers - a timeless shoe and the most popular of all sneakers, plimsolls are typically made from canvas or a faux leather material and have a thick sole. The epitome of plimsoll shoes is the Authentic Vans Shoe
Democracy Clothing Womens Fashion Grey Sweater and Blue Chewed Hem Jeans
  • Slip on sneakers - people instantly think of Vans or skater shoes when they think of slip on sneakers. It’s important to keep in mind that slip on shoes (including white Vans) have become increasingly popular and are not only a ‘skater’ shoe, but a highly trendy sneaker
  • Leather sneakers - leather sneakers add a chic urban look to any outfit. Plimsoll sneakers and slip on sneakers can be leather as well
  • Color block sneakers - really referring to the pattern on the shoe, color block sneakers are very trendy right now. They can come in a variety of colors on plimsoll or court sneakers


What Are Skinny Jeans?


While most Jeans taper out as they move down the leg, skinny jeans hug the skin until the base of the pants opening. Apart from jeggings, skinny jeans are the most form-fitting jeans across the denim matrix. See our article on slim vs skinny jeans to learn more about their fit and feel.


How to Wear Sneakers With Jeans


Both Sneakers and jeans are staples to every closet regardless of your individual style or latest fashion trends. That being said, some sneakers look better when paired with certain types of jeans. While skinny jeans look great with a chunky sneaker, flare jeans and chunky sneakers are a trendy combo right now. Also, converse sneakers tend to look clownish when paired with skinny jeans. For the most part, you can’t go wrong with jean and sneaker combinations.


Best Sneakers With Skinny Jeans


Our favorite skinny jean and sneaker combinations are broken down in our blog about the best shoes for skinny jeans. Our top three sneaker choices for skinny jeans are:

White Slip Ons


  • Classic canvas plimsoll sneakers - they are the go-to choice for a sneaker and blue skinny jeans outfit. They make your feet look petite and keep your overall look casual. Plus, depending on your canvas fabric, you can add a little flair to your outfit
  • White slip on sneakers - these are a must-have in your closet when wearing skinny jeans or not. They match well with any type of skinny jean or outfit in general. Plus there is just something so clean about the look of white kicks.
  • Leather Slip On Sneakers

  • Leather slip on sneakers - these not only match well with every pair of skinny jeans, but they add a touch of sophistication to your outfit. A leather sneaker can really level up your closet and add an edge to your skinny jean game. Pair these fashion sneakers with white jeans for a chic look and a dramatic contrast

    How to Style Sneakers With Skinny Jeans With Larger Feet


    Sometimes people are scared to wear a sneaker with skinny jeans for fear of their feet looking large. If you have larger feet, know that you can absolutely wear sneakers with skinny jeans. There are certain sneakers that will look more or less flattering. As mentioned earlier in the article, low profile laced sneakers like Keds are going to be your go-to. The low lace placement gives the illusion of a smaller foot, making your feet look tiny regardless of your shoe size. 


    One style tip, try to stay away from wearing a high top sneaker like converse. These sneakers can draw attention to the length of the foot and make your feet look bigger than they actually are.

    Democracy Clothing Womens Fashion Grey Sweater and Blue Chewed Hem Jeans


    Wearing Your Skinny Jeans with Your Favorite Sneakers


    There you have it – you’re basically a sneaker-head now. This style guide should be your handy dandy manual for all of your skinny jean and sneaker outfit plans. The most important thing to know is that skinny jeans pair well with practically every sneaker. Also, you’ll never have to sacrifice comfort for style and vice versa. Live out your denim dreams in your favorite pair of sneakers – you do you!


    Also be sure to check out our article on how to wear booties with skinny jeans for more tips and tricks.

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