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Embracing Our Femmefluence

Embracing Our Femmefluence

Picture a room full of women leaders, gathered together in unity, diversity, and power. There's a sense that anything is possible. 

That's exactly what happened at an inspiring “Femmefluence” celebration we had the honor of participating in last month. The day-long event included a Forum, Marketplace, and Dinner, organized by San Francisco Bay-Area based Brand Futurist, Serial Entrepreneur and Women’s Advocate Jennifer Kem (also known as a fierce Democracy Itty-Bitty Boot fan!)

Jen’s Femmefluence platform, which includes gatherings like this one and her Femmefluence Radio show, elevates values-driven women who are ready to dive deep into wealth, power, and leadership – while inviting everyone to take a seat at the table.

Speaking to our Values


During this event, Jen and her incredible “unicorn” team organized panels of leaders who shared their views on the Femmefluence brand values: connection, imperfection, intersectionality, ambition, and autonomy. The motto of the movement? "Our Affluence + Our Influence = Femmefluence."

On one of the panels, Democracy Clothing’s founder and President Caren Lettiere had the honor of sharing her journey.  "I enjoyed being included in the thought leadership of the amazing panel of women who come from diverse backgrounds, perspectives and accomplishments," she said. "The common thread was the awareness of how we, change-making women, can consciously have a positive impact on each other’s businesses. That is the essence of femmefluence, to use our agency to educate, support and prop up women-founded, owned and led businesses.”


As women we see the world differently and that is where real change can come from. At Democracy we stand behind the principle of “Curve Equality,” which acknowledges that all shapes are different, but created equal, inspiring us to design a jean that maximizes a woman’s shape by fusing together style, comfort and technology. After all, as Caren Lettiere shared on the panel, "Despite our differences, ultimately, we’re all just women trying to zip up a pair of jeans. But when a woman feels confident in her skin and her jeans, she walks into a room like this one and her presence is felt. Her words create a shift, and her ability to connect with other women on a mission creates ripples of good in the world.”

The Marketplace: A Jean Try-On Like None Other 


After the eye-opening panels, we participated in the Marketplace, setting up a changing area where the women tried on the curated styles, and the Democracy team of "jean whisperers" worked their magic to ensure the perfect fit. There was something empowering about this impactful connection that we shared with all of the women, who experienced the unexpected camaraderie of trying on great-fitting jeans in community.

As Caren reflected after the event, "I especially loved the joy that I witnessed, reconnecting women who had consciously 'uncoupled' with jean wearing. Their elation and surprise in rediscovering jeans was magical to experience and is the inspiration behind the brand. When women feel supported, comfortable and good in their skin/jeans, it gives them the extra confidence boost to continue to blaze trails on their journey toward continued growth and success."


Jadah Sellner, author of the recently launched She Builds: The Anti-Hustle Guide to Grow Your Business and Nourish Your Life, acknowledged how much the jeans match her commitment to authenticity and ease saying "I loved trying on different styles of Democracy Clothing jeans! So, so, so comfy + stylish. My fave jeans for sure." Professional speaker and speaker coach Chantelle Adams, shared that “Democracy Jeans embody the experience of the Femmefluence day, where every woman, of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and cultures, were all celebrated and honored.”

Women Making History

We're grateful to be in rooms full of women, who lead with heart and have bold missions and fierce love for helping other women rise (while feeling amazing in a pair of jeans!). As we close out Women’s History Month, we felt it would be perfect to share this powerful Femmefluence experience with you and a reminder that when we come together to honor a woman’s vision and her story, we shape the future together!

To learn more about Jennifer Kem, check out this past blog post where we featured her story or visit her Femmefluence website page. For images from the event, see our post on Instagram @democracyclothing.