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What to Wear with Light Blue Jeans

One of the big positives of social media and the ubiquity of the web is that many styles have made their way back into mainstream fashion and coexist at the same time and across generations. Light blue and light wash jeans are popular among the youngest fashionistas and the most experienced style mavens in many different jean cuts and fits. 


But if you’re returning to lighter jeans after mainly wearing dark blue jeans or other washes of denim and you’re not sure what to wear light blue jeans with, don’t worry—Democracy Clothing’s got some fashion ideas for your light blue jean craving. 


What Goes with Light Blue Jeans? 


light blue jeans white top


Light blue denim has a casual, relaxed vibe, whether you’re wearing skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans. But although you once only saw light wash denim on the racks in the spring and summer, you’re now just as likely to find it alongside colored jeans on the racks—the light wash jean style is no longer tied to the seasons. 


The versatility of the light blue jeans outfit knows no bounds. And so many other trends are back that you’ll see lighter wash jeans paired with the iconic 1990s polo shirt, the classic white t-shirt, the rugged comfort of the denim shirt, and even the early 2000s babydoll fitted tops.


Light denim is the anchor of the casual outfit and only limited by your imagination. 



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What Color Shirt Goes with Light Blue Jeans? 


If you’re worried about what color shirt to wear with light blue jeans, don’t be! One of the things people love about many types of womens jeans is how you can pair them with just about any color shirt there is. First, consider your personal style. If you love rich, jewel tones, then many light jeans provide a brilliant contrast. On the other hand, many people love to match a light color top with light-colored jeans.  


What to Wear with Light Blue Jeans: Different Cuts 


light blue jeans outfit


The benefit of so many styles and trends coexisting at once is that you can find your favorite jean cut in many different washes, including a lighter shade.


A few outfit ideas based on other cuts of light blue jeans include: 


  • A barely-bootcut crop jean with an anything-but-basic white shirt and a white sneaker 

  • Out there flare jeans with a structured Western light blue denim jean jacket 

  • An ankle skimmer skinny jean with a soft wash and a warm and cozy cable front sweater 

  • Flattering slim straight jeans with a gauzy, flowy blouse for a casual but stylish vibe 



What to Wear with Light Blue Jeans: Different Occasions 


If you’re excited to show off your light blue jeans, there are tons of occasions that are perfect for this all-purpose wardrobe workhorse. For example, some light-wash ripped jeans and an oversized college sweatshirt are a perfect start to your tailgating outfit. Top your light blue jeans with a sweet and feminine blouse under a denim jacket for a softly rugged fall look. And let it snow with your favorite skinny jeans in a lighter wash, a soft white sweater or cardigan, and a great pair of boots.  


What to Wear with Light Blue Jeans: Different Body Types 


You may think you’re stuck with black jeans or dark denim because of your body type, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Light blue denim can look amazing on every body—the secret is to get the cut and fit that flatters your unique curves. For example, if you’re looking to lengthen the look of your leg, opt for a skinny jean or a bootcut style with a higher rise. A light blue shirt with your light-wash jeans can look fabulous for pear shapes. Apple shapes can rock straight-leg or bootcut denim all day, every day, and you don’t need to resort to dark-colored jeans to do it unless you want to. 


What Shoes to Wear with Light Blue Jeans 


casual light blue jeans

If light blue jeans are the casual linchpin, then what kind of shoes can you wear with them? The answer is, of course, whatever you want! But if you’re going for particular looks, then your shoes can help with that.


For example, if your casual tailgating party we talked about is indoors, then white sneakers are a great choice. But if you’re going to cheer your team on outdoors, then pull on some brown all-weather boots to keep you comfy even when the weather won’t cooperate.  


Light blue jeans might have a casual vibe, but you can amp things up by pairing them with some spicy footwear like a pointy and bright heel or a strappy sandal in warmer seasons.


What color goes with light blue jeans? Just about all of them when it comes to your shoes. Pointy tan or brown suede boots and booties look adorable peeking out from under your boot cuts, and loafers look fab with your crop or cuffed denim. 


How to Style Light Blue Jeans 


styled light blue jeans

When thinking about styling your light blue jeans, it’s essential to begin with your personal style. You’ll also want to consider fit—one of the biggest mistakes people make is not taking measurements of themselves. Once you’ve tackled those questions, think about what trends and styles appeal to you.


Light blue jeans work great with a slouchy sweatshirt for hanging around the house, and they can look stellar with a crop top or a pretty blouse when you’re out with friends.  


To get a better fit and feel more confident in your favorite light blue jean styles, measure your inseam and around your waist, hips, and thighs. These numbers will help you find the right size in whatever brand you choose.


When you try your jeans on for the first time, check to see if they bunch up and where the “break” in the leg hits. Finally, remember that if you’re uncomfortable, it’ll show, no matter how “stylish” the jeans are. Now go rock those light blue jeans! 

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