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What to Wear with Black Jeans

What to Wear with Black Jeans

The black jean is a fan favorite year after year because it goes with almost everything. And while the shape and cut of your jeans may change from one season to the next—or one year to the next—black is always in.  


What makes black jeans so appealing? For one thing, they’re a paradox. After all, they can be part of a classic style and can also help you craft an edgy, super-casual outfit. So let’s talk about everything black jeans—and how you can create timeless and trendy styles with this fashion workhorse. 


What Goes with Black Jeans? 


black jeans black top outfit

So what goes with black jeans? In a word—everything. But let’s talk about why. First of all, the color itself pairs well with every other color you can dream up in clothing, as well as every pattern. In addition, black jeans: 


  • Travel well: Black denim won’t wrinkle as badly as black pants, and the color can help hide or diminish the appearance of creases and wrinkles. 
  • Added comfort and durability: Many cuts of black jeans, when paired with more classic blouses or tops, can give you a more dressed-up look, but in durable and comfortable womens denim.  
  • Black is a flattering color: Neuroscientists say that color really can make something appear larger or smaller to the human eye, so when you think your darker jeans have a flattering effect, you may be right! 


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What Color Shirt Goes with Black Jeans? 


woman wearing black jeans outift

So let’s talk about which color shirt goes best with black jeans, and specifically what colors will give you the looks you’re aiming for.


For example, if you’re thinking about how to style black jeans for the holidays, you can pair them with brilliant green or deep red. And don’t feel like your black denim limits you to solid colors—plaids, stripes, and patterns in specific colors work fabulously.  


If you’re looking for a daytime look, then softened or muted colored shirts in tailored or classic styles can take you to work, and looser, more casual tops work great for errands and get-togethers.


In the evenings and at parties, bright colors help you stand out. 


What to Wear with Black Jeans: Different Cuts 


Black denim comes in all shapes and cuts, just like a blue jean. But the added element of color is what sets your black jeans apart. Here are some examples of how to style black jeans in different cuts. 


Black Skinny Jeans 


With black skinny jeans, you get the flattering look and stretch of the skinny jean with the complimentary black color. Win-win! And skinny jeans paired with certain tops can create very different looks. Here are some ideas about what to wear with black skinny jeans: 


  • A moto jacket or leather jacket with a Chelsea boot for an edgier but structured look 
  • A denim jacket with a black shirt or graphic tee paired with ripped black jeans can range from edgy to casual, depending on the wash of the denim and the design of the tee 
  • A white shirt with a white sneaker style delivers a vivid visual contrast that will definitely stand out 


Black Mom Jeans 


  • Black mom jeans with a dress shirt are a trendy duo 
  • An oversized sweater and distressed black jeans ooze trendy comfort 
  • Ripped jeans and a black sweater are simple but iconic 


Cropped Jeans 


  • Cropped black jeans look amazing with ankle boots and fun print tops 
  • You can also style cropped black jeans with a crop top or flowy blouse for warmer weather 
  • Try opting for a distressed option like raw hem black jeans for an edgier look


What to Wear with Black Jeans: Different Occasions 


woman sitting with black jeans


There are more places black jeans can go than places they can’t. Because they provide such an excellent canvas, you can change up your top, shoe, and accessory mix for a black jeans outfit idea that fits every occasion. Try these combos: 


  • A pretty, showy blouse with black skinny or girlfriend jeans and black boots is great for after-work meetups 
  • Either tailored or wide-legged jeans with a structured blazer or button-down shirt can create a chic work outfit 
  • Girlfriend or boyfriend black jeans with a mix of tan and brown layers or a trenchcoat can take you on all your outdoor fall and winter outings 
  • Ripped or distressed black jeans with a crop or bandeau top are festival-ready 



What to Wear with Black Jeans: Different Body Types 


 woman wearing black jeansBlack jeans have so many pros and so few cons that they’re a fantastic clothing choice for every body type. And because black is such a popular color, you can find it in every cut and shape of jean. Your best bet is to find the shapes and styles that flatter your body type: 


  • Rectangular body shapes look amazing in high-waist and wide-legged styles 
  • Hourglass shapes can rock flare leg, skinny, or black bootcut jeans. But let’s be honest, an hourglass looks stunning in a pair of black jeggings.
  • Petite figures look great in skinny jeans or flares. Be sure to pair your petite black jeans with a pair of heeled shoes to elongate your legs.
  • If you are on the taller side, try to wear a mid to lower rise. There are many options in tall black jeans that look absolutely stunning. 
  • If you are on the curvier side, you can really rock any type of jeans! Just always be sure to get your size right. Thankfully, many modern denim brands carry various styles of plus size black jeans.


But don’t take these ideas as the gospel—the most important thing to consider when choosing black jeans for your body type is to get a great fit.  


What Shoes to Wear with Black Jeans 


Shoes can add subtle flair or make a bold statement with black jeans. Some great options include: 


  • Black shoes can lengthen the leg even more, whether you choose booties or heels 
  • Sneakers in any color add casual fun 
  • Chunky Chelsea boots add structure that is both practical and fashionable 
  • Brown shoes can echo your tan or brown top and work perfectly for outings 
  • Loafers are a cropped jean’s best friend and add a tailored look 
  • Ballet flats and mules are comfortably cool 


How to Style Black Jeans 


Hopefully, you’ve got some new black jeans outfit ideas to try and a better idea of how to wear black denim in ways that make you feel good and showcase your style. Black jeans offer so much versatility and are a perfect canvas for a range of tops and accessories. Embrace black jeans in multiple cuts to get all the benefits of these pants for every style.

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