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What to Wear with Dark Blue Jeans

When it comes to womens denim, dark wash jeans are such a reliable go-to staple that you’ll find people of all ages and genders sporting them year-round. From the deepest dark navy jeans to brilliant cobalt denim, dark jeans can go from business casual to hanging with friends and from day to night, depending on the cut and style. 


And dark blue denim is anything but boring now that there are so many trends and fashions coexisting at the same time. You might already have several pairs of dark jeans in your closet already or are looking to add a new dark wash jean to your rotation but aren’t sure how you want to style them into an outfit. Either way, Democracy Clothing is here to help you create dark blue denim looks for everything from Casual Friday to a night out with the girls. Let’s go! 


What Goes with Dark Blue Jeans? 


dark blue jeans casual outfit

Almost everything goes with dark blue jeans! Dark wash denim has remained popular for so long because it’s just a fantastic backdrop for an enormous range of shirts, tops, shoes, and accessories. Dark denim, like black jeans, is more forgiving than light blue jeans if your goal is to gently obscure or soften curves.


When thinking about what will go with your dark blue jeans, begin by thinking about whether you’re styling for a specific occasion. Next, you’ll want to look at the cut of the darker blue denim you’re styling since that will also determine which tops will look best.  


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What Color Shirt Goes with Dark Blue Jeans? 


dark blue jeans with sweatshirt


You may have heard about avoiding wearing a blue shirt with dark blue denim jeans. However, we think you can make blue work as well as a white shirt, or any other color for that matter.


With dark blue denim, you can choose the color that suits your mood.


Lighter color shirts will have a more neutral effect, while more saturated colors will pop against dark denim.


The denim shirt is even trending again, and people are mixing different denim washes for original looks.


If you want your jeans to be the main attraction, try pairing indigo jeans with a white cropped shirt to emphasize your lower half.


What to Wear with Dark Blue Jeans: Different Cuts 


Let’s talk about jean cuts in dark blue denim! Because so many people love the look of dark blue denim, you’ll find it in almost every jean cut in existence. Here are some outfit ideas to try for different cuts of dark blue jeans:  


  • Cuffed blue denim girlfriend jeans with a classic white t-shirt and white sneakers 
  • A step hem skinny jean styled with a dress shirt and chic loafers for a high-low look 
  • Curve-hugging denim jeggings with a luxurious and chunky cable-knit sweater 
  • Straight leg jeans with a cream or neutral top under a tweed blazer or sport coat 


What to Wear with Dark Blue Jeans: Different Occasions 


Editing your blue jean style for different occasions is easy. Whether you’re heading to a holiday party with family or want a simple but professional work look, dark blue jeans are your pal. Some occasions where you might choose dark blue jeans include: 


  • A holiday gathering: What’s cuter than bootcut jeans with embroidered pockets and a mock neck knit top for a look that’s flattering yet comfortable? 
  • Traveling: People are returning to travel and taking vacations again. Find a happy compromise between durability and flexible comfort with some dark skinny jeans and a ruched elbow puff sleeve knit tee that looks amazing and feels butter soft. 
  • Work it at work: Dark blue jeans go where light wash denim may fear to tread in the workplace. Itty Bitty Boot Jeans with a silk top and a blazer to ward off office chill look fab if your dress code allows jeans. 


What to Wear with Dark Blue Jeans: Different Body Types 


dark blue jeans white top

Many people with certain body types prefer dark colored jeans to light jeans for the slimming effect that darker wash jeans can give. But truthfully, the number one issue to tackle concerning jean styles that are flattering for different body types is fit. Take the time to measure your body, especially around the waist, hips, thigh, and your inseam. Knowing these numbers will make it easier for you to find great jeans. 


In addition, you may be looking for ways to lengthen your leg line or define your waist. Apple or rectangular body types can choose tops that nip in at the waist.


To extend the leg, opt for a skinny jean and a bootie or shoe in something similar to the jean color. And be careful when you buy denim—raw denim may fit the first time, but if you make the mistake of popping it in the dryer, you’ll find the fit won’t be the same. 


What Shoes to Wear with Dark Blue Jeans 


dark blue jeans with tucked shirt


You have so many shoe options with dark blue jeans! Brown shoes round out a casual outfit for the fall, Chelsea boots and a denim jacket are edgy with some ripped jeans, and the list goes on. You can also try: 



How to Style Dark Blue Jeans 


dark blue jeans with sneakers

Dark blue jeans might be even easier to style than light wash jeans. And so many jean styles are trending at the same time—from the mom jean revival to flare legs—that you can let your creativity shine. Here are some style combos to experiment with: 


  • Distressed dark blue jeans and a crisp button-down are a classic pairing 
  • Go high-rise in mom jeans with a cropped sweatshirt 
  • Wide-leg dark wash jeans are coming back—really—and fitted tees  
  • Boyfriend dark blue denim with a comfy cardigan and ankle boots is everything 


The key is to say yes when the little voice whispers, “maybe not.” Dark blue denim is versatile and universally flattering when you prioritize fit first. Make this type of denim a core piece of your wardrobe, and you’ll always have an anchor for tons of outfit choices. 


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