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Jeggings vs Leggings: What’s the Difference?

Jeggings vs Leggings: What’s the Difference?

Jeggings became popular in the early 2000s and were a staple in many wardrobes. These versatile, casual pants became a favorite with people who wanted the ease of leggings but with a tad more structure. Designed to move like leggings but look like skinny jeans, jeggings have waxed and waned in popularity. 


The internet can be very divided in any debate, and the leggings vs jeggings debate is no exception. You’ll find some sites claiming that jeggings and leggings are the same. Here at Democracy Clothing, we happen to think that jeggings are their own unique womens denim style. Let’s talk more about why. 


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What Are Jegging Jeans? 


black jeggings outfit

Are jeggings jeans made to fit like leggings, or faux denim leggings made to look like womens jeans? The answer may come down to the inclusion of denim fabric. When jeggings first became popular, it was not uncommon to find leggings or even tights with a denim print or simply in a denim color. This type of pant often also has fake pockets and a fully elastic waistband.  


As the skinny jean craze reached its height, people squeezed into skin-tight pants that were so tight they sometimes struggled to move properly. Jeggings provided a way to get a fit as body-hugging as yoga pants but without the restrictiveness of tight jeans. At the same time that jeggings became a household word, leggings were also popular. And inexpensive, lower-quality jeggings made mostly of spandex became common. However, true jeggings are real jeans, and we should know: Democracy Clothing invented them!  


Democracy Clothing Is the Home of the Real Jegging 


Denim jeans of all shapes and sizes and for all shapes and sizes is what Democracy is all about. Our jeggings are made with a thicker fabric than many others and include the cotton denim blend you’d expect in any jean. You’ll also get belt loops and real pockets—no faux pockets in sight. We include lyocell, polyester, and just a small percentage of spandex to get the jegging fit. You get the stretch and flattering fit in jeans made to last. 


What Are Leggings? 


white leggings casual

Leggings are tight-fitting pants that have evolved over the years from a more pants-like appearance to nearly opaque in some cases. Modern leggings run the gamut from sculpting workout gear to soft, fitted pants that look great with all kinds of tops. Many women have those favorite leggings they throw on when they want the ultimate in comfort while going about their day. And there are as many ways to style leggings as there are types of leggings. 


What Are Leggings Made of? 


Leggings can range widely in composition, with some pairs including a significant amount of cotton in their blends and others with no cotton. Most athletic-style leggings include 80-90% nylon and polyester, and the remaining percentage usually includes spandex and possibly lycra and rayon. Leggings may also have a sewn-in elastic waist, but not always. 


Difference Between Jeggings vs. Leggings 

leggings vs jeggings



If you remember the skin-tight jeggings or even the infamous Pajama Jean infomercial of 2010, you might think there really aren’t any differences between jeggings and leggings. In many cases, there are no fundamental differences. Some jeggings have no denim at all and nary a pocket to be found. 


However, Democracy Clothing has always drawn a line between leggings and jeggings. Our jeggings are made of a thicker material and look great for casual wear or more dressy occasions. But don’t worry—we’re not knocking your favorite leggings! In fact, leggings can be an essential component of your wardrobe. Read more about our “Ab” Solution Fit Technology.



When to Wear Leggings 

leggings loungeweare outfit cozy


The simple answer to when to wear leggings is—whenever you want! But if you’re looking for advice on incorporating leggings into your fashion, then we’ve got you. For example, when colder weather strikes but you’ve got a dynamite skirt you want to show off, a pair of winter leggings can neatly solve the problem. And casual leggings can look fantastic any day, whether paired with a cozy, oversized sweater or a trendy crop top. Let’s look at some of our favorite ways to style your leggings. 


How to Style Leggings 


Because there are so many ways to wear leggings, you’re only limited by your imagination. Athleisure remains a popular style, so pairing leggings with a cute cropped sweatshirt and sports bra is always on point for running errands or hitting the gym. Here are some of our other favorite ways to style leggings: 


  • Pair a black legging with a cute t shirt and jean jacket, and don’t forget the leg-lengthening ankle boot. 
  • Longer fashion tops like tunics are fabulous with form-fitting leggings that balance the tunic’s loose shape. You can also belt the tunic to create more waist definition. 
  • Swap chino pants for faux leather leggings, and add a long cardigan or coat with a belt.  
  • One legging trend you might want to try is to pair athletic leggings with a matching color top. Add white crew socks and your favorite cross-trainers. 


Best Time to Wear Your Leggings vs Jeggings 


sweater with jeggings casual



Both leggings and jeggings are great options for many of the same situations you’d wear trousers or regular jeans. But if you’re trying to decide whether to go with leggings or jeggings, then ask yourself: 


  • Do you need a pant that is more durable but still flexible? Jeggings! 
  • Do you want the structure of denim but the freedom of a legging? Jeggings! 
  • Do you want to add warmth to your favorite dress without any bulkiness? Leggings! 
  • Do you want to easily transition from the gym to errands without changing? Leggings! 
  • Do you want to show off your favorite loose top? Both! 




Let’s Have Leggings and Jeggings 


A woman should wear exactly what she wants; both leggings and jeggings can be fabulous fashion choices. Both can flatter any figure and work in a variety of situations. When shopping for leggings and jeggings, look for a close fit that hugs the body without pinching or bagging at the knees. Check the rise—mid to high-rise jeggings and leggings are very flattering and can also provide gentle shaping and lift. Adding both types of pants to your lineup is a smart way to add variety to your look. 


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