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Jeggings vs Skinny Jeans: What’s the Difference?

Jeggings vs Skinny Jeans: What’s the Difference?

Here at Democracy Clothing, jeggings and skinny jeans never went “out”—we’ve loved these styles since day one and think our customers look fabulous in them! But many people confuse the two types of denim jeans or just aren’t sure what the differences are between the two. 


In addition, many want to try both skinny jeans and jeggings but aren’t sure when to wear them or how to style them. Let’s break down these two versatile styles and how you can incorporate them into your personal fashion.


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What Are Jegging Jeans? 


gray jeggings close up


Jeggings, a portmanteau or word blend, are essentially jean leggings. These denim leggings offer the flexibility, stretch, and movement of leggings but with the look of denim.


Many types of jeggings have fake pockets, while others have fully functional pockets (like our indigo jeggings). Jeggings offer a slim fit that hugs the body from the thigh to the ankle.  


Some brands of jeggings are very thin and offer a higher percentage of stretchy material, including spandex or elastane. However, other jeggings are more like slim-fit trousers with a high percentage of denim material blended with polyester and rayon to help the jegging maintain its shape even after multiple washings. Finally, this type of womens jeans usually has an elastic waist. 



What Are Skinny Jeans? 


woman wearing gray skinny jeans

Skinny jeans became popular in the 2000s, and many might remember that the low-rise skinny jean style was fashionable for many years. Now, skinny jeans are available in mid or high-rise and also sport different lengths, from cropped jeans to cuffed ankle jeans. The skinny jean is a type of slim pants made of denim that fights tightly from the waist down to the end of the pant. They differ from a ‘drainpipe’ style in that the legs of the jean taper to a tight ankle opening rather than ending in a straight leg. 


These tight jeans can be comfortable or restrictive—it all depends on the fit and the composition of the denim material. Many traditional jeans are entirely made of cotton-based denim material and offer no stretch. Some manufacturers make skinny jeans the same way, meaning that wearers of this type of slim jean may experience pinching and discomfort. And because there can be a considerable difference between one skinny jean brand and another, some people feel they do not suit their body type. Democracy Clothing includes strategic stretch in its skinny jeans to ensure that wearers can enjoy this style all day in total comfort. 


Difference Between Jeggings vs Skinny Jeans 


In some cases, it can be very easy to tell the difference between jeggings vs jeans. Many jeggings have little to no denim and are simply made to look like denim. However, other brands do make jeggings with a denim blend to create a more durable and versatile jegging. While both skinny jeans and jeggings hug the body, jeggings fit most closely from waist to ankle and have a polyester and rayon element allowing them to hug every curve. 


The best skinny jeans include some stretch but generally have a higher denim content than jeggings. Although jeggings of the past often lacked belt loops, today’s versions can include belt loops like skinny jeans. Low-rise skinny jeans are still available, but mid and high-rise skinny jeans are very popular because of their ability to create the illusion of length.  


When to Wear Your Skinny Jeans vs. Jeggings 


black jeggings leather jacket

Both jeggings and skinny jeans can be comfortable jeans to wear in casual and dressy situations. For example, jeggings are a popular choice in the fall and winter when women are looking for a warmer alternative to bare legs or tights. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear jeggings or skinny jeans year-round. Both styles look fabulous with the cropped tops of spring and summer and the slouchy, cozy sweaters and tunics of fall and winter. 


These days, you can find both jeggings and skinny jeans in every color and wash imaginable. Light and white skinny jeans make a statement in the summer for a fabulous, casual style. Distressed or cropped skinny jeans and jeggings are also a fun way to stay casual with fun details. Darker washes work great with blouses and woven tops for a more dressy look. They can even be a part of your work wardrobe and look amazing with a tailored blazer. 


How to Style Jeggings and Skinny Jeans 


woman wearing khaki jeggings

Many people love wearing jeggings and skinny jeans as their regular jeans. And fortunately, there are so many ways to style them for any body type. And although the mom jean is also back in style, many Gen Xers and Millennials are happy mixing up more relaxed jeans with the fitted, curve-hugging look of skinny jeans and jeggings. Here are a few ways you can style the slimmest jean styles: 


  • Take advantage of the oversized sweater or sweatshirt trend and pair one with leg-lengthening, dark wash skinny jeans and ankle boots. 
  • Speaking of boots—if you’ve been waiting to break out your knee-high boots, try them with your jeggings and a flowing tunic. 
  • Do you want to wear skinny jeans but think you can’t with short legs? Think again! Pair high-rise skinny jeans with a cropped sweatshirt or tucked-in top. Add some nude sandals or ankle boots to create more length. 
  • Make a longer top work with your colored jeggings by belting it at the waist to create balance. Pair the outfit with sleek heels. 
  • Give your skinny jean look an edge with a t-shirt and a jean jacket. Many types of shoe work with this combo, including pointed heels, sturdy ankle boots, and skate-style sneakers. 


Are Jeggings and Skinny Jeans in Style? 


At Democracy Clothing, we think looking fabulous is always in style. And so many people look fantastic in jeggings and skinny jeans! As a result, Democracy has focused on creating denim that offers the most flattering fit and comfort. When you feel great in your clothing, you look great in your clothing. You’ll see women sporting their jeggings and skinny jeans from New York to Los Angeles and everywhere in between.

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