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Style Guide: Long Torso Short Legs Women’s Body Type

Style Guide: Long Torso Short Legs Women’s Body Type

Finding the right styles for your body shape is important for looking and feeling your very best. Wearing the wrong clothes for your body proportions and leg ratio can make all the difference in appearance. For example, if you wear high rise vs low rise jeans, it can have an effect on how a longer torso appears with your shorter leg length. This style guide will help you find the best women's denim and non-denim bottoms for your height and physique. Let’s dive in! 


High Waisted Jeans For Longer Torso and Short Legs


tucked shirt long torso
High waisted jeans are key to accentuating your best features and creates a higher natural waist for those with less leg and more torso. They help to create the illusion of longer legs and a shorter torso to balance out your overall height. The"Ab"solution® Petite High Rise Skinny Jeans are perfect for those with a longer torso length to give the illusion of long legs.  


Here’s how to style high waisted petite jeans to make a short torso look great and add a more balanced shape to your upper body: 


  • Shoes: High heels are great with high-waisted pants to increase the vertical line of your legs. With petite pants, you have a shorter inseam but you can achieve the illusion of a short torso by adding some height with heels.  
  • Tops: From a cute swimsuit top to crop tops and t-shirts, the possibilities are endless for high-waisted jeans and trousers. Highlight your waist and hips with a tucked-in tee or sweater to complete the look.  


Bootcut Jeans For Short Legs Long Torso 


short legs woman closet

If you feel like you have a short waist or long arms, you can balance your body proportions out with the right style of jeans. Bootcut jeans like the "Ab"solution Itty Bitty Boot Petite Blue Jeans from  Democracy Clothing are fashionable, comfortable, and super flattering for long torsos. They help draw attention away from your upper arms and your torso and down towards your legs.  


Looking to style your bootcut jeans to flatter your body style? Here are some helpful tips: 


  • Shoes: Wedges, chunky boots, and pumps are great to add some extra height to your lower half. Actresses like Olivia Wilde who also have longer torsos balance their frames out perfectly with wedged sandals and booties.  
  • Tops: Tunics and crop tops look fantastic with bootcut jeans and long torsos. Show a little skin with a crop top or find a flattering off-the-shoulder blouse with some length. Check out our stylish selection of fashion tops for inspiration to achieve the perfect look.  


Flare Jeans For Longer Torso and Short Legs 


Flare jeans are fantastic for balancing out a longer torso with short legs. The extra width towards the end of the pants helps to balance out a lengthier upper body. Flares are fun and flirty and perfect for creating a fashionable look that makes you feel good about your outfit. The "Ab"solution® High Rise Petite Cropped Itty Bitty Flare is cute and so flattering for short legs and long torsos.  


Ready to create the perfect outfit with your flare jeans for a longer torso? Try these helpful styling tips: 


  • Shoes: Espadrilles and gladiator sandals look fantastic with flare jeans. Something with a bit of heel will lengthen your legs and help balance out a longer torso. Have fun with some wrap shoes and create a beautiful outfit.  
  • Tops: Flare jeans look great with a fitted wool sweater or tunic blouse. Make sure to keep some length on your tops to help balance your physique. Check out our blog to find great styling tips for blouses for your new flares.  


Straight Leg Jeans For Longer Torso Length  


outfit short legs long torso

Straight-leg jeans work for nearly all body types including longer torso lengths. They are so fun and versatile when it comes to styling and our petite women’s jeans are made with comfort as a priority. Look and feel great in a pair of straight-leg jeans like the "Ab"solution® Indigo Petite Straight Leg Booty Lift Jeans. They work so well for balancing out long torsos and short legs.  


Here are some styling tips for straight-leg jeans to accentuate the best features of your body style: 


  • Shoes: Wedges, heels, and boots look fantastic with straight-leg jeans. You can add calf or knee-high boots to create a chic and fun look.  
  • Tops: Straight-leg jeans look great with just about anything. Keep it casual with tanks and tees or class it up with a nice blouse or button-down. This style works for everything from casual to professional to date nights.  


Skinny Jeans For Shorter Legs and Longer Torso 


pile short leg jeans

Skinny jeans are great for creating the illusion of length in the legs. The form-fitting style helps hug curves and lengthen your lower half to create a look you feel great about. With shorter legs, you want to avoid low-rise skinny jeans as they will make your legs look even shorter. The "Ab"solution Modern High Rise Ankle Length Petite Skinny Jeans is perfect for a shorter inseam that will flatter your body style.  


Want to style your skinny jeans to flatter your shorter legs and longer torso? Here are some great tips: 


  • Shoes: Skinny jeans look great with knee-high boots or high heels. They are so fashionable and can work for casual looks or a hot date. Shoes with a bit of height will help lengthen your legs even more! 
  • Tops: Crop tops look great with skinny jeans. You can also pair a nice blouse tucked in to accentuate your waist with high-rise jeans. Skinny jeans are super versatile and fun to style.

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Democracy Clothing For Long Torsos and Short Legs


Democracy Clothing features denim that is comfortable, stylish, and versatile. We love having options for every body type and size to feel comfortable and beautiful in their clothes. Denim is a staple for every closet and opens the door for endless outfit combinations. Find the perfect pair for your physique! 

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