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Best Jeans for Long Legs in 2023

Tall women with long longs are the envy of many! If you are a tall girl looking for the perfect jean to accentuate your long legs, Democracy Clothing has got you covered. We offer a diverse collection of washes, rises, styles, fits, and sizes to help you look and feel your best in 2023. Finding the most flattering pair of womens jeans is an important staple in any long-legged lady’s closet. Let’s dive into the best denim based on your body shape to help you find the perfect pair for the new year.  


Best Jeans For Apple Shapes With Long Legs 


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For a tall woman with long legs, it’s important to find the right inseam. Our collection of tall sizes in our tall women’s jeans offers a longer inseam length to make sure your denim pants fit perfectly. Apple shapes tend to have long slim legs which give you plenty of options to choose from. The "Ab"solution Booty Lift Long Jeans Black Jegging from Democracy gives you the flattering shape of the skinny jean with the added comfort of extra stretch.  


Ready to create the perfect outfit with your skinny jeans? Here are a few tips! 


  • Shoes: Wedges or platform shoes are perfect for skinny jeans and balancing out the top half of your apple shape. Have fun with your shoes and add a little height to complete the look.  
  • Tops: Wrap tops are great for apple shapes and skinny jeans. They cinch at the waist to create a flattering silhouette and balance out the form-fitting shape of tall jeggings and skinny jeans.  


Best Jeans For Longer Legs And Pear Shapes 


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Pear shapes are blessed with curvy hips and a smaller waist and torso. Finding the right fit of denim to flatter your shape will make all the difference. For pear shapes with longer legs, bootcut jeans and wide-leg jeans do a fantastic job of balancing out your shape. A wide leg jean will help balance your shape and your lower half. Our 34" Inseam "Ab"solution® Itty Bitty Boot Black Denim Tall Jeans have the inseam length to show off your long legs while showing off your curves.  


To style your pear shape with some fashionable bootcut jeans, follow these tips: 


  • Shoes: Pointed-toe shoes are great for drawing attention down to your feet and elongating your body and short torso. Wedges and platforms also work very well with bootcut jeans and pear-shaped bodies.  
  • Tops: For a tall person with a pear shape, you want to elongate your torso with the perfect bootcut pants. Check out our fashion tops to find chic additions to your outfit. Crop tops and off-the-shoulder shirts are great for bootcut jeans. You can also add a nice blouse for a more polished look.  


Best Jeans For Hourglass Shapes With Long Legs 


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Hourglass figures are curvy with a defined waist and look great with high rise jeans. Mom jeans or boyfriend jeans are great for showing off your defined waist. Petite hourglass women and tall women with long legs will find high waisted jeans to be perfect for their physiques. Whether you go with high rise flare jeans or a high rise straight jean, you’ll find the higher waist to be very complimentary to your figure. The "Ab"solution® Black Skyrise Itty Bitty Longer Boot Jean is a great fit for the American tall girl with an hourglass figure.  


Style your high-rise jeans with your hourglass figure with these helpful tips to complete the look: 


  • Shoes: Pointed and rounded-toe shoes are perfect for the high rise jeans in our denim collection. They help elongate legs on hourglass shapes and give you plenty of styling options for every occasion.  
  • Tops: A fitted tee or wrap blouse are perfect for high waisted jeans. Anything that accentuates your natural cinched waist is great for a stylish outfit.   


Best Jeans For Rectangle Body Type With Long Legs 


Rectangle body types look fantastic in bootcut and straight leg jeans. You’ll want to avoid baggy jeans, dad jeans, or any clothing that lacks a lot of structure. A good fit will help accentuate your physique and leave you feeling great about the way you look. Our "Ab"solution Indigo Denim Straight Leg Long Inseam Tall Jeans are great for rectangle body types with long legs.  


Make your rectangle physique look complete with these styling tips: 


  • Shoes: Pumps and clogs are great for your rectangle body type. They help elongate the body and are so fun to style with straight leg jeans. For warmer months, opt for ballet flats or loafers to complete your look.  
  • Tops: Low necklines and wider necklines help lengthen your shoulder and bust area. Avoid square or shapeless necklines which can make your frame look a bit boxy. Check out our blog for blouse and shirt styling tips to make your outfit polished and fabulous.  


Best Jeans For Long Legs And Triangle Shapes 


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Triangle body types look great in wide-leg jeans and bootcut jeans. The dramatic legs of these denim styles help to balance out your torso and create a flattering and stylish look. Our "Ab"solution® Blue Skyrise Itty Bitty Longer Boot Jean is a great choice for those with a triangle shape. Cropped jeans are also a great choice for shorter women with long legs and triangle shapes as they help to boost your height.  


Looking for ways to complete your look? Check out these styling tips for your tall bootcut jeans for triangle shapes: 


  • Shoes: Heels and pointed toes are perfect for pear shapes. They help elongate the legs even more and balance out your torso. Find an embroidered pointed-toe shoe or sleek pair of heels to complete your look and leave you feeling fabulous.  
  • Tops: Necklines with a rounded cut are perfect for triangle shapes. It also helps to find blouses with ruffles or designs on the shoulders to help balance out your shape. Have fun with stylish blouses to complete your bootcut jean look.


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Democracy Clothing For The Perfect Pair Of Jeans


Democracy Clothing is here for all your fashion needs. We pride ourselves on offering fabulous options for all body types that are comfortable, flattering, and versatile. Add some of our high-quality denim to your closet in 2023 as an absolute must for your wardrobe. 

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