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Best Stretchy Jeans for Women

Stretchy jeans for women offer the look of rigid denim jeans with the comfort of leggings. The super stretch in women’s jeans comes in every rise, style, and wash making it easy to find the perfect pair for you. Democracy Clothing features a wide range of jeans that offer comfortable stretch in just about every style you can imagine. This collection allows you to find comfortable and flattering denim so you can fill your closet with versatile staples for every occasion. Let’s dive into what makes jeans stretchy as well as the best types of stretch jeans and denim. 


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Why Make Jeans Stretchy? 


Stretch jeans use denim fabric as well as stretchy fabric to make a pair of pants that fits perfectly. Whether you get stretchy black jeans, stretchy flare jeans, or stretchy high-waisted jeans, they all use a combination of fabrics that give the denim look as well as the stretch of different more elastic fabrics. In Absolution denim, you get the look of the perfect pair of jeans with the comfort and support provided by the inner mesh lining. 


Stretchy vs Rigid Denim 


dark wash stretchy jeans outfit

Everyone has preferences when it comes to different styles of jeans. Between straight-leg jeans, bootcut jeans, wide-leg jeans, high-waist jeans, or flared jeans, there are plenty of options to choose from. With all the different brands out there, you can find each style in both stretchy and rigid denim fairly easily. So what’s the difference? 


Stretchy jeans incorporate some elastic and stretchy material in the fabric blend to achieve comfort, style, and a fit that offers some give. This is ideal for skinny jeans and high-rise jeans as rigid denim can be very constricting in these styles. Rigid denim on the other hand has a higher cotton content for a stiffer fabric. One of the major appeals of rigid denim is its durability. However, this often leads to a longer time before they fit comfortably. Rigid denim often creates the perfect vintage jean but you can still achieve that look with a great pair of high rise jeans or stretchy mom jeans.  


Types of Jean Materials 


Jean materials often incorporate a ratio of cotton and some flexible and stretchy material like spandex or elastane. A great ratio of denim and stretch is perfect for a pair of high-rise skinny jeans like those in our women's denim collection that will make you look good while staying extremely comfortable.  


What Is Democracy's Ab'solution Denim 


Democracy Clothing offers a wide selection of denim jeans. The ‘Ab’solution denim collection offers so many different styles from stretchy bell-bottom jeans to stretchy ripped jeans and everything in between. The technology in the ‘Ab’solution denim utilizes an inner mesh lining. This provides support and gentle compression for a flat tummy and a great fit while also giving a nice booty lift. In some ways, these jeans work a lot like women’s shapewear without the added layer under your jeans. To learn more, read our blog on a what is shapewear. ‘Ab’solution denim comes in every type of shape, wash, and style you need to complete your closet full of versatile staples.  


Best Types of Stretchy Jeans 


woman in dark stretchy jeans

Stretchy jeans are seriously flattering and stylish. With so many washes and styles from white jeans and mid-rise to wide-leg and black jeans, you can find so many pairs to complete your wardrobe. The best part about stretchy jeans is the fact that you get all the style with the added boost of a super comfy pair of pants.  


Looking to add some stretchy jeans to your closet? Here are some of the best types of stretchy jeans: 

  • Mid-rise straight leg 
  • High-rise boot cut 
  • Chic black denim 


Stretchy denim works for just about every style and wash. If you have a preference for a certain type of jeans, try them in the stretchy version and enjoy the added comfort without sacrificing an ounce of style.  


How to Style Your Stretchy Jeans 


woman in cuffed stretchy jeans

If you are looking to style stretchy jeans, you truly have so many options. While styling often incorporates the specific type of jeans you’re working with, jeans tend to be very versatile so you have plenty of options. Here are some quick tips for styling stretchy jeans. If you are hungry for more styling tips, check out our blogs where you’ll find plenty of information and advice on creating the perfect outfit whether you are going for casual or classy. 


  • Pair ripped or distressed jeans with a solid neutral color t-shirt like gray, white, or black.  
  • Striped long sleeves or slouchy tops with high-rise skinny stretchy jeans.  
  • Chunky sweaters paired with dark wash skinny jeans.  
  • Pair stretchy bootcut jeans with a t-shirt and a trendy jacket.  
  • Put a sleek black blazer over dark-wash skinny jeans for a professional look.  
  • Pair a fitted top with high-rise bell bottoms or flares.  
  • Wear a loose boyfriend shirt with a pair of cropped ripped jeans.  


To Sum It Up 


Stretchy jeans are super comfortable and stylish. They offer the look of classic denim with the give and feel of stretchy comfort. They are super easy to style and come in so many different options. With so many options in the diverse Democracy Clothing collection of denim, you’ll find the magic of ‘Ab’solution technology in all the stretchy denim. Swap your rigid denim for stretchy types to make comfort as high of a priority as style. 

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