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8 Most Comfortable Women's Jeans

8 Most Comfortable Women's Jeans

Finding jeans that are equally comfortable and stylish can be a challenge. Have no fear! We have a list of the 8 most comfortable women’s jeans so you can find the best jeans for you. Let’s dive in to find the perfect pair for you! 


Why Are Some Jeans More Comfortable Than Others? 


Some jeans just fit you perfectly and are so comfortable. Often what makes jeans fit so great is a personal preference but many people find the rise, style, stretch, and material of denim jeans play a big role in how comfortable they are to wear over time.  


Types of Denim Materials and Blends 


comfortable jeans outfit white blouse

Denim comes in quite a few different types of blends and materials. Most denim is predominantly made of cotton or organic cotton. While there are some 100% cotton jeans they often yield rigid denim which may not offer all that much comfort until they are broken in over time. Non-stretch denim is great for a pair of jeans that will stay very durable but aren’t necessarily the most comfortable.  


Denim that has a small percentage of elastane/lycra is much more comfortable and gives you a bit of flexibility in the hips and waist for a really comfortable pair of jeans. Democracy Clothing puts comfort first by utilizing mesh lining for tummy control and the ideal ratio of stretch to achieve the perfect fit. Shop all of the Absolution denim collection to find the perfect pair of straight jeans, high-rise skinny jeans, petite women's jeans, and whatever else you’re looking for in your next new favorite pair of jeans.  


Understanding Your Jean Size and Fit 


womens comfortable jeans outift jacket

One of the biggest things to consider when looking for the perfect pair of comfortable jeans is size and fit. Different styles flatter different body shapes. You can learn more about this in our blogs to find the fit that accentuates your best features. Size is also important. Make sure you get the right size so they aren’t too loose or tight. This will ensure the jeans are both comfortable and stylish.  


It helps to take the key measurements used in jeans. Simply grab a measuring tape and find your size by measuring these parts of your body: 


  • Waist: This is right under your ribs and above your belly button. Keep the measuring tape tight against your skin but not digging. 
  • Hips: Wrap the tape around the widest part of your hips and butt to get the correct measurement.  
  • Inseam: Measure from your crotch to your ankle. Bring the tape down to where you would like the length of the pants to be.  


Stretchy vs Rigid Jeans 


womens comfortable jeans outfit sweater


Stretchy and rigid jeans are quite different from each other. Stretchy jeans often look fantastic from the first moment you put them on. They fit easily to your curves and tend to be very flattering from the first time you wear them.  


Rigid jeans on the other hand take a while to fit your body well. They do tend to last longer than stretchy varieties but if you are used to the comfort and give of stretchy jeans, it can be a difficult adjustment.


Generally, if you are looking for comfort and style from the first wear, you’ll want to opt for stretchy jeans like the Democracy Clothing denim collection



8 Types of Comfortable Jean Styles 


womens comfortable jeans cropped outfit

Now let’s get into the specifics! Here are eight comfortable jean styles to have you looking great and feeling super comfy in your outfits.  


Cropped Jean 

Cropped jeans are super cute and flattering. The inseam is a bit shorter than other styles making them the perfect pants for those who love to show off cute shoes like wedges and heels. Cropped jeans are easy to dress up or down and are super comfortable to wear all day.  


Skinny Jeans 

Skinny jeans are super versatile and comfortable. They are ideal for stretchy denim blends because you’ll get the fantastic skinny jean silhouette but still be able to move, sit, and have fun comfortably.  


Flare Jeans 

Flare jeans are incredibly stylish and a lot of fun to make outfits with. Unlike wide-leg jeans, flares offer lots of shape and a cheeky jean fits from the knee up and flares out towards the bottom for a groovy and comfortable look.  


High Waist Jeans 

High-waisted jeans are incredibly flattering and comfortable. You don’t have to worry about pulling these up every time you sit down or get up. With the inner mesh lining in the Absolution collection, the high rise denim collection from Democracy clothing is the perfect pair of style and comfort.  


Mom Jeans 

Mom jeans are incredibly comfortable. They have a more relaxed fit through the leg and a high waist for ultimate comfort. Check out our blog on what are mom jeans  and get inspired for your next outfit.  


Boyfriend Jeans 

Boyfriend jeans are comfortable and stylish by nature. They offer a more relaxed fit. Some come in ripped jeans with the Boyfriend fit but you can also make these quite chic and classy with the right top.  


Straight Leg Jeans 

Like Boyfriend jeans and Mom jeans, straight leg jeans are perfect if you are prioritizing comfort in your denim. They are not too tight through the leg and are easy to dress up and down. A pair of straight white jeans are a summer staple and very fun to make outfits with.  


Wide Leg 

As you may imagine, wide-leg jeans offer room for your legs to move and breathe. They don’t cling to the skin making them incredibly comfortable. They are super fashionable and fun to style up without having to sacrifice comfort.