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Best Jeans for Tummy Control

Best Jeans for Tummy Control

Finding ways to control the tummy bulge in outfits can sometimes be a challenge. Lower belly fat is notoriously stubborn and finding the right clothes makes all the difference in your final look. Democracy Clothing knows exactly how to hide belly fat in jeans with their signature style and fit to smooth the tummy area no matter what your body type.  


What is Denim Shapewear? 


woman wearing tummy control jeans mirror


Denim shapewear is amazing for anyone looking to get some control over the lower belly fat tummy area. It offers gentle compression through the jeans to smooth over the hips and lower stomach to offer a flattering body shape. Read our blog on how does shapewear work to learn more about denim shapewear and other types of shapewear. 


Finding pants that don’t bring unwanted attention to the belly bulge can be very difficult. With the different styles in the "Ab"solution denim collection from Democracy, you get the style and fashion of denim jeans with a little bit of compression and stretch to make your belly area look great. This means less muffin top and a smaller waist! 



What Are High-Rise Jeans? 


High-waisted jeans sit much a bit higher on your waist. These are ideal for smoothing the belly pooch. Low-rise jeans don’t offer much at all in terms of support and compression and may not be the right jeans if you’re looking for tummy fat control. High-rise jeans come in so many different lengths and styles meaning you can opt for cute cropped jeans or stylish skinny jeans and still get the tummy control to look and feel great. The high rise denim from Democracy Clothing offers a wide variety of washes and styles for you to choose from and pair with your favorite tops.  


What Are the Best Jeans for Tummy Control? 

plus size model with mirror


High-rise jeans are a great choice for those looking to prioritize tummy control in their denim. The added length of the rise is perfect for smoothing down the tummy. The jeans from Democracy Clothing have an inner mesh lining for tummy control that acts a bit like a waist trainer but are as comfortable as your favorite pair of leggings.  


As far as fit, you can choose whichever suits your personal preference! Democracy has a ton in the denim collection. Skinny jeans are great for showing off curves and straight legs are super comfortable and stylish as well. Pick the ones that you feel good about without having to worry if they will bring unwanted attention to the belly bulge.  



What Are the Best Jeans for Apple Body Type? 

woman with pink measuring tape


People with an apple body shape look fantastic in skinny, slim straight, and cropped-style jeans. These styles offer a slimmer fit to the legs and create an aesthetically pleasing vertical line through the legs.


Apple shapes will want to avoid wide-leg, mom jeans (see our blog on what are mom jeans), and slouchy styles as they take away from shapely legs and can sometimes make this body type look a bit shapeless.


You can learn more about dressing for your body shape and related articles in our blogs so you can look and feel amazing in your body.  



How to Wear Jeans to Flatter Tummy 


If you’re looking to flatter the tummy area and smooth down body fat in that area, high-waisted pants will become your new best friend. They offer lots of control without sacrificing style. Finding denim shapewear or the Absolution collection from Democracy Clothing will further flatten the belly region as well. If the jeans you have don’t have any sort of compression built-in, you can find shapewear to wear underneath the jeans for a bit more control. Learn more about shapewear and how to use it in your outfits in our blog post here.  


How to Style Tummy Control Jeans 

womens tummy control jeans outfit


Tummy control jeans are so easy to style. Depending on the style and fit you choose, you’ll have plenty of options for casual, classy, chic, and professional looks with a great pair of tummy-control jeans. Here are a few tips if you’re looking to further accentuate your best features without drawing attention to belly fat: 


  • V-neck tops: These are great for creating an elongated appearance. Try a v-neck t-shirt with your tummy control jeans for a stylish and casual look.  
  • Vertical stripes: These all elongate your experience and are super fun to style with jeans. Whether it be a blouse, t-shirt, sweater, or jacket, vertical stripes are a great way to slim your appearance.  
  • Jackets: Layering with jackets is so fun and is a great way to style your tummy-control jeans. Choose a cute top with a slightly longer cut jacket to create a super-chic appearance.  
  • Asymmetrical tops: These are super fun and flirty. Finding a nice ruffled blouse with an asymmetrical style will look fantastic with your tummy control jeans.  
  • Loose cropped tops: Crop tops are so fun! They look great with high-waisted tummy control jeans and can create a very fun and casual look for spring and summer.