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Brooke's Jean Journey in her Post Baby Body

Brooke's Jean Journey in her Post Baby Body

At Democracy Clothing, we love hearing how our “Ab”solution jeans have become a stabilizing force for new mothers who have birthed their babies, as both their lives and bodies transform through motherhood. We know the physical transformation women experience on the bumpy ride from pregnancy through childbirth is only the beginning. Changes in a new mom’s post-baby body is where it starts, but there’s so much more. 


Once the baby arrives, women grapple with even more changes. From labor or C-section healing, hormonal mood swings, depression, and sleep deprivation, new moms have so much to take in while integrating the awesome responsibility of caring for this new life. All that happens on top of all their prior responsibilities. Doing this in a post-baby body that feels different and unfamiliar, and not knowing whether this new shape is here to stay makes things even more stressful.


Recently, Democracy Clothing’s founder, Caren Lettiere, joined MOMentum Marketplace’s Brooke Markevicius, a mother of three, for a conversation on her podcast, MOMentum Radio (go listen!) Caren was so moved when Brooke shared how Democracy jeans supported her after her second child was born. She knew she wanted to invite Brooker to share it here on our blog to launch a series we’re calling “A Jean Journey.” 


How Brooke Found Confidence in Her Post-Baby Body


“My husband and I were a few days out from a Disney family vacation with my 6-month-old and 3-year-old. I was recovering from two C-sections in three years and I was struggling with postpartum depression. In preparation for our trip, I found everyone cute Disney outfits and  realized I had no pants to wear myself. I had been living in leggings because nothing fit my post-baby body.  I went to Nordstrom to try on some pants.


After the first round, I was almost in tears because nothing felt comfortable or looked good. I knew I should have been proud of my body that had changed shape again, that had birthed two 9 pound babies, carried them to almost 2 weeks past their due dates, and had made milk for them! But, instead, I was so mad at it. My body was amazing, but I couldn’t see that in the moment. 


When I went back out to search for other options, I saw ones that said “Ab"solution and I thought, “Well - let’s give these a try, maybe they’re magic!” I definitely did an eye roll and expected failure. But, when I put on a pair, I was stunned in disbelief. I moved around in front of the mirror.  THEY FIT! Holy Moly THEY FIT! Not only did they fit but they were cute; they fit my curves and my new body. And I noticed that the back didn’t leave a huge gap, an annoying problem for moms like me who are always bending over and picking up our kids.


I stood there in happy tears, and I think I even did a little happy dance. I left Nordstrom with two pairs of those magical pants.  I wore them all over Disneyland, took photos alongside my children with pride, and was so comfortable. I felt good in my body for the first time since I became a mom. My husband still calls them the “sexy jeans” and they are the only jeans I will buy to this day.  I have a lot of pairs now!


I know I’m not alone in my story, as I’ve talked with hundreds of moms over the years about that period of hating our post-baby bodies.  It’s so sad when you look back on it…. you know you should love your body and deep down you are proud, but it’s hard to feel that when you’re hormonal and emotional. So much of our society tells us to “get our body back” but our bodies have changed down to the cellular level by having a kid, and we need to embrace that. 


I’m thankful I discovered a brand like Democracy that creates clothes that fit our bodies in all seasons of life, including the early days of motherhood, that embrace our curves, and let us feel good so we can move through it all with more confidence and pep in our step.”


Thank you, Brooke, for sharing your jean journey with us. It’s powerful to hear your vulnerability as you articulate what so many of us moms experience. Motherhood is a defining time in our lives. We chronicle this journey, make special efforts to dress our kids for photos that capture these moments, but we often lack confidence in our post-baby bodies to join in. We’re so glad we were able to support you to “step back into the frame” by providing jeans that help you embrace your body. We’re so inspired by all the things you’ve done in your Democracy jeans since then and can't wait to see where else your Democracy jeans take you! 


Do you have your own Democracy story? How have your jeans shaped how you see your post-baby body? Share it on social media with the hashtag #ajeanjourney and tag us at Democracy Clothing...we’d love to hear!”