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Body Positivity from the Bottoms Up

Body Positivity from the Bottoms Up

Pictured is the Democracy Clothing Founder Caren Lettiere and the team that is Committed to Curve Equality!


At Democracy Clothing, we want women like you to look great in our clothing. But, what matters most is that you FEEL great. And we know that starts with a strong foundation.


That’s why our inclusive and body-positive fashion is built from the bottom up. Our great-fitting “Ab”solution technology jeans and pants, provide a reliable base for you to express your personal style. It’s crucial to have a brand and a fit that you can trust to consistently enhance your shape and help you to exude confidence from the inside out. 

After you’ve got the right jeans as your anchor, the rest is all about the “you-dazzle” factor and layering on your personality. Because when you walk into a room, we want people to notice your personality, vitality and essence. Looking and feeling great is about being comfortable and confident in your skin and radiating beauty from within.

Democracy’s approach to body positivity is about treasuring all body shapes and not assigning value to the distinction between big, small, curvy or straight. It’s about self-acceptance and also about appreciation. Reinforcing confidence is the undercurrent of what body positivity means to us at Democracy; that’s why we built a whole collection around it with empathy and admiration for women of all shapes and sizes.

We call that “Curve Equality” because we believe that all shapes are different, but created equal. We engineer, design and fit for every curve. We believe clothing should celebrate your shape so we design to embrace who you are, enhance what you’ve got, elevate your confidence, and evolve your personal style so you can feel fashionable and current in an accessible and affordable way. 

Our Philosophy of Body Positivity

That’s the four E’s, the cornerstones of Democracy’s foundation: 

Embrace who you are - You are an amazing multitasking woman whose body is taking you on a magical life journey. Nurture it, love it, respect all that you have accomplished along the way and buckle up for the adventures still ahead.

Enhance what you've got - Be authentic. Know your best attributes and make the most of them. Shine a spotlight on what makes you glow.

Elevate your confidence - It’s all about a positive mindset. Surround yourself with acceptance and pride in all that you are and faith that you can achieve anything that you still aspire to be. You are in the driver’s seat.

Evolve your personal style - Be open to adapt and try new things. Fashion can be a great form of self-expression. Explore, be curious and take a chance.

Our wish is for you to truly embody the four E’s and embrace who you are, enhance what you've got, elevate your confidence and evolve your personal style. And we want to be a key part of that journey. 

That’s how we want all women to feel. We don’t believe women have to wait to feel great about what they are wearing and how they show up in the world. Every woman should understand that whatever the scale, measuring tape or media says, you are worthy just as you are to feel and look your best. 

So don’t wait. Go get the clothes that make you feel awesome today. Don’t wait for the scale to say the right thing. Don’t wait to be the “perfect” size (spoiler: it doesn’t exist!). Go get your battle armor and get ready to face the world looking and feeling your very best. You’ve got this and we’ve got you!