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International Women's Day: How Democracy Clothing Inspire Inclusion

International Women's Day: How Democracy Clothing Inspire Inclusion

It’s International Women’s Day again, so as we celebrate the important women in our lives, let’s also shine a light on this year’s IWD 2024 campaign theme: Inspire InclusionFrom embracing your own diversity to recognizing and celebrating others’, supporting women and girls in their achievements, and elevating female empowerment, everyone can take part in this important initiative.  


There’s so much more we can accomplish when we do it collectively, so raise your voice, do your part, and let’s celebrate women in style this year! #IWD 



How Democracy Clothing Inspires Inclusion 

We believe that, without inclusion, inspiration, and the determination of passionate, hard-working women, there would be no Democracy Clothing today. It’s for this reason that inspiring inclusion is an initiative that’s close to our hearts and we strive to forge a better world for women every day. 


We Recognize Strong, Diverse Talent 

The Democracy Team is the life and heart behind our clothes. Our design, sales, business, and production teams are predominantly female and made up of talented individuals with a range of backgrounds and experiences. To maintain Democracy Clothing’s inclusivity, which in turn creates a sense of belonging, community, and promotes tolerance, it has been essential to focus on recruiting, retaining, and developing female talent. And it’s because of this team that we’re able to bring fashionable, high-quality clothing to our customers year after year. 


We Believe in Curve Equality 

Democracy Clothing was founded by Caren Lettiere on the principle of “Curve Equality,” which acknowledges that all shapes are different, but created equal. It’s because of this belief that we designed a jean that maximizes a woman’s shape by fusing together style, comfort and technology. What we want most for our customers is to feel seen and catered to, no matter their size, so they can always look and feel their very best. 


We Support Social Impact Initiatives That Empower Women 

Over the years, we have teamed up with changemaking women to empower and inspire the communities they serve. From non-profits to female-led groups, we are always proud to and humbled to dedicate our efforts and do our part to make a difference. 


Some of the initiatives we have supported include A New Way of Life (ANWOL), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support for people women rebuilding their lives after incarceration; The Judy Fund, a non-profit organization that strives to raise awareness and dollars to fight women impacted by Alzheimer’s disease; Circle of Mothers, a group started by Trayvon Martin’s mother that aims to support mothers who are grieving the loss of a child to senseless violence. 


This International Women’s Day, be sure to show support for the causes close to your heart and inspire inclusion in whatever way you can. Let’s show up in solidarity, strike the heart-hands pose, and do our best to inspire others on this important day, together. 


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