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How To Dress Postpartum Belly

How To Dress Postpartum Belly

The postpartum mom has so many things to juggle. After pregnancy and giving birth, it seems there’s an endless to-do list on very little sleep. Regardless of the many responsibilities that come with being a new parent, the postpartum mom also deserves to look and feel great. Postpartum body changes can be difficult for new moms to adapt to but Democracy Clothing is here to help you feel beautiful and comfortable with some great tips for dressing the postpartum belly. 


Postpartum clothes can be incredibly chic and stylish so long as you style them right. With postpartum belly wraps or postpartum leggings for comfortable and gentle compression, you’ll get the support your body needs while opening the doors to many postpartum fashion options. Let’s take a look at how to dress your postpartum belly for maximum comfort and style.  


What Is Postpartum in Pregnancy? 


woman postpartum holding baby


Postpartum refers to the time after you give birth. The postpartum period is a tender time of healing. It is a time when maternity clothes no longer fit and your abdominal muscles are very sensitive.


Whether you had a cesarean delivery or vaginal birth, your core muscles are likely very tender and will benefit significantly from belly wraps, postpartum belly bands, or a postpartum girdle.


These postpartum shapewear options for belly wraps and belly binding act as an abdominal binder to provide support and gentle compression through the healing process.  



Postpartum Body Changes and What to Expect 


pregnant woman looking in mirror

Maternity clothes give lots of room for your belly to grow and change as it does rapidly during pregnancy. Once you give birth, you’ll swap maternity leggings and shirts for nursing bras and postpartum wraps. If you are nearing the time of your due date, you may wonder what to expect! Much postpartum body changes depending on your genetics, age, and weight gain during the pregnancy. The most common changes women experience postpartum are stretch marks, excess skin, and belly fat, also called a “pooch”.  


Changing bodies often means finding new pieces and clothing to make you look and feel incredible. The denim collection at Democracy Clothing offers so many options for jeans that work great with a postpartum belly. Pair some high rise denim with a flowy top to feel comfortable, supported, and fashionable.  


How to Dress Postpartum Belly 


woman postpartum outfit jeans blouse

Dressing a postpartum belly is all about balanced comfort and style. Your body is still healing at this time so it’s important to prioritize abdominal support in your outfits. That doesn’t mean you can’t look great too! Our "Ab"solution denim collection is the perfect choice for postpartum. The combination of soft, super-stretchy fabric with tummy control through compression with mesh lining.


In many ways, these jeans from Democracy work as both a postpartum belly belt and stylish pair of jeans. Here are some ideas for how to dress a postpartum belly: 


  • Knot a shirt or sweater around the waist 
  • Try A-line dresses 


Shopping For Postpartum Clothes 


woman online shopping postpartum jeans

Shopping for postpartum clothes can be a lot of fun if you know what to look for. We recommend opting for soft and stretchy fabrics that are adaptable to your changing body. We also recommend trying some shapewear (see our blog on what is shapewear) for dresses to help you feel supported. Luckily Democracy Clothing is the best source for postpartum clothes as the denim incorporates the Absolution design for comfort and tummy control.  


Shopping can be a bit overwhelming as your body won’t be the same as it was just a few months ago. Here are a few additional tips for shopping for postpartum clothes to keep the whole process fun and relaxed: 


  • Don’t be afraid to size up if you are uncomfortable.  
  • Look for high-waist options with some form of gentle compression like a postpartum wrap. 
  • Try out patterns for tops. 


How to Style Your Postpartum Body 


Styling your postpartum body is all about finding clothes that accentuate your best features and provide comfort to your belly region. Typically this means looser fits for tops and higher rises on pants with gentle compression to feel well supported. Some people find shapewear to be a great transitional garment as they go through the postpartum period. In our blogs, you’ll find lots of posts on styling particular types of jeans as well as tops.  


The fashion tops available from Democracy Clothing offer plenty of options for flowy tops, button-downs, and knits that are perfect for styling your postpartum body. Find great options that will have you looking and feeling amazing in your outfits. These tops look great with postpartum bodies and Democracy denim including highrise jeans (see our blog on what are mom jeans), skinny jeans, straight legs, and bootcut.  


Most importantly, remember to have fun styling your body as it heals from giving birth. You deserve to feel beautiful in the skin you’re in and with these tips, you can confidently find and wear postpartum clothes that make you look and feel beautiful! 

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