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Best Shoes to Wear with Mom Jeans

Best Shoes to Wear with Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are straight leg jeans with a casual look and are one of the latest styles to make a comeback in recent years. Learning how to style mom jeans can make or break your outfit. Finding the right shoe style can help achieve the most stylish mom jeans outfits for you. At Democracy, we’re the womens jeans experts– we’ll help you find the jeans made for you and give you plenty of ideas on how to style them. Every good outfit includes the perfect pair of shoes. Let’s dive into some different styles of the 8 best shoes to wear with mom jeans. 


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What Are Mom Jeans? 

woman sitting with mom jeans


Let’s start with the basics: what are mom jeans? Mom jeans are straight jeans with a higher waist cut. They first came into fashion during the late 1980s and early 1990s. In recent years, they have made a major comeback for a casual look that works so well for achieving trendy street-style outfits.  


The relaxed fit makes them super versatile and come in all different styles like ripped mom jeans, blue mom jeans, black mom jeans, and just about every wash and color for whatever jean outfit you’re looking for.


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What Types of Shoes Pair Well with Mom Jeans 

boots to wear with mom jeans


Since mom jeans are so incredibly versatile, it is so easy to style them with different shoes. Depending on the final vibe of the look you’re going for, you can choose from a wide range of shoe options. The straight leg cut makes them the perfect jeans for showing off a great pair of shoes. You can learn more about styling mom jeans and all other styles in our blogs.  


Denim jeans are truly a staple in any closet and work with so many different accessories, tops, and shoes. With 'Ab'solution denim, you get the look and versatility of mom jeans with the added comfort of the inner mesh lining in this line that provides gentle compression for a flat tummy. So, what shoes to wear with mom jeans? Let’s take a look.  



Shoes to Wear With Mom Jeans 

heels to wear with mom jeans


Ready to dive into the world of mom jeans? First, you’ll have to see which shoes work with this trendy and comfortable style. Like other high rise jeans, mom jeans lengthen legs and provide a flattering silhouette. They also work with a ton of different shoe style options. Let’s take a look at the 8 best shoes to wear with mom jeans.  


Ankle Boots 

Ankle boots are a closet staple. They are chic and comfortable and make outfits look so put together. Pair your mom jeans with a trendy pair of Chelsea boots and a black leather jacket for an edgy and chic look. Heeled ankle boots are a great way to use this look while boosting your height and leg length. A pair of black-heeled booties are just as versatile as your mom jeans and look great together.  


Ballet Flats 

Ballet flats look fantastic with mom jeans. It’s best to pair these with mom jeans that have a slightly more fitted pant leg. These styles more closely resemble skinny jeans and keep your sleek ballet flats from drowning in fabric. You can also opt for cuffed mom jeans to complete this look with ballet flats.  


Kitten Heels 

Kitten heels are cute and flirty and a fantastic option for dressing up your mom jeans for a date night or girls' night. The slight height of kitten heels will give your legs a bit more length. Opt for a colorful or vibrant pair of kitten heels to add a splash of color to your outfit for a super cute finished look.  


Classic Sneakers 

sneakers to wear with mom jeans

You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of sneakers! Mom jeans with bright white sneakers are super in style and help to achieve a laid-back look without sacrificing fashion. Classic sneakers look great with mom jeans and boyfriend jeans because of the relaxed fit. Try a pair of ripped jeans in the mom cut with a pair of chunky sneakers for a sporty and effortless look.  



Loafers are great for casual and professional looks. Pairing some brown leather loafers with a pair of cropped jeans and a tucked-in tee is a timeless look that’s easy and comfortable. Loafers are super easy to wear all day long and make for a great choice for a day out shopping or walking the town.  


Combat Boots 

Combat boots have been in style for a few years now and don’t show any signs of leaving. They help to achieve an edgy look. Pair your combat boots with your mom jeans for a stylish and bold outfit.  


High Heels 

Looking to dress up the mom jeans? Don’t be afraid to pair your jeans with a fancy pair of high heels. Cropped jeans with high heels makes for a sexy and bold style that is sure to turn heads.  


Strappy Sandals 

Boots may look great with mom jeans but they’re not necessarily realistic for year-round outfits. When the temperatures start rising, you don’t have to pack the mom jeans away till the fall. Simply pair them with some strappy sandals. Opt for a cropped look to show off some gladiator sandals and look great all through spring and summer.