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Sybrina Fulton and the Circle of Mothers

Democracy in Action: Sybrina Fulton & the Circle of Mothers

Sybrina Fulton created Circle of Mothers to provide healing and empowerment to other grieving mothers. Read on to learn about our connection with Circle of Mothers and how you can help support this May’s healing retreat.
Democracy Clothing Womens Fashion Absolution Skinny Jeans

Slim vs Skinny Jeans: Which Pair is For You?

Denim is a timeless essential to every woman’s wardrobe, but when it comes to all the available jean options, it can be confusing to navigate various denim cuts. To truly unfold the separate jean styles, we must explain key differences down to the seam. Two types of jeans that are commonly confused are slim jeans vs skinny jeans. 

12 Best Shoes For Skinny Jeans

12 Best Shoes For Skinny Jeans

When it comes to styling your skinny jeans, you probably have a favorite blouse or belt in mind. Shoes on the other hand are a different story. Since skinny denim jeans have a very specific cut, choosing the perfect pair of shoes might seem tricky. Thankfully skinny jeans pair beautifully with many types of shoes.
Democracy Clothing Judy Blank's Jean Journey

The Muse Within: Judy Blank’s Creative Jean Journey

In this Jean Journey edition, read about hair stylist, jewelry designer and single mother Judy Blank and how she overcame challenges to forge a path of authenticity and creativity for her children and herself. 
Democracy Brings “Ab”solution to She Podcasts LIVE

Democracy Brings “Ab”solution to She Podcasts LIVE

If there is one thing that the most influential female voices in podcasting have demonstrated, it is this: never underestimate the power of an amazing pair of jeans.    Thanks to Democracy Clothing, that truth was everywhere at the recent She Podcasts Live 2021 conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. ...