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8 Types of Shirts for Women and How to Style Them

While some people seem to make anything look stylish with no effort, others need a little help to pair their shirts and bottoms in flattering ways. You can rock your favorite shirt type—it's all about finding the cut, fit, and color that enhances your favorite features. 


So if you're looking for a style refresh or struggling with putting together outfits that show off all your best angles, don't despair. Let's look at eight popular shirt types and how you can style each fashion top to help you look and feel amazing.  



 1. The T Shirt 


Oversized, cropped, fitted, scoop neck, crew neck… t shirt variations are endless. Try some of these combos for seemingly effortless style, whether you're heading uptown or downtown: 


  • Pair oversized, short sleeve crew neck t shirts with sleek black jeggings and booties. 
  • Go with a scoop neck tee to show off those killer collarbones. Grab your favorite girlfriend or boyfriend jeans and a pair of cute loafers or sandals. 
  • For a casual outing, a graphic tee and skirt are a match made in heaven. Rock an oversized t shirt with a short skirt and booties, or tuck them into a midi or long skirt. 



 2. The Blouse 

Blouses are so much more versatile than people give them credit for. Get multiple looks out of the same blouse, depending on how you wear it. For instance: 


    • Front-tuck your blouse but leave the back flowing for a flattering look that shows off your shape without feeling too confined. 

      Also, if you are curious about the difference between a blouse vs shirt, or have other clothing questions, check out our fashion blog.




       3. The Tunic Top 

      Many love the comfort of a tunic but struggle with styling it. There are many different types of tunics, so experiment with different styles such as: 


      • Opposites are attractive when you match a loose, long tunic top with your favorite pair of skinny jeans
      • Get fun and funky with an asymmetrical hem tunic and some classic bootcut jeans, and finish the look with cute sneakers or platform sandals. 








         4. The Knit Top 

        Knit tops can add interest and structure to your outfit and come in various shapes and styles. Opt for a sleeveless knit shirt that looks and feels breezy in the summer. Cooler weather is perfect for styling a layered top. Play with the neckline—deeper necklines are lovely for evenings out, and higher necklines lengthen the body. There's a knit top that works for any occasion: 


        • A sleeveless knit top with a scalloped hem can be equally beautiful with or without a tailored blazer over it.  
        • Fluttery sleeves and delicate details add cuteness to a knit top when you pair it with casual wear shorts.  
        • Love how your arms look in a knit top with elbow length sleeves and ruching that adds dimension. You'll look super-cute when you pair it with cuffed, ankle skimmer jeans. 


           5. The Button Down  

          A button down shirt is one of the easiest ways to add a bit of formal touch to your style. And you can do it without sacrificing comfort, too. Whether you're dressing for the office or the garden, there's a button down shirt that fits the occasion. Try styling one of these long sleeve shirts in the below ways: 

          • Take your dress shirt out of your suit for a fashion mix that looks fantastic. Try adding high rise jeans and chunky-heeled booties. 
          • A men's dress shirt can give you the length and roominess you need to get a tunic feel from a button down shirt. Style it with french cuffs, a slim, straight-leg jean, and pointy high heels for an elegant ensemble. 
          • A classic and trendy look is to button your shirt halfway down and then tie the ends together in front. This look creates a flattering waistline on anybody. 



            6. The Tube Top 

            Don't automatically skip this section! Tube tops can look amazing on many body types. The secret is to find the right structure, support, and fit for this sleeveless shirt. The tube tops of today aren't the flimsy fabric scraps from the '90s. Make it tube top time with these choices: 


            • Jeans and a tube top are a perfect match. Grab some high waisted mom jeans and a tube top with a built-in bra that hits at the midriff for a completely comfortable and on-trend look. 
            • If you're comfortable baring more, go for the bandeau tube with wide-legged slacks and a cropped, boxy top jacket. 
            • Tube tops come in all shapes and sizes. Look for a sweetheart curved top tube top, and you'll love how it looks with some jagged hem flare jeans. Rock the vintage look and show off a little shoulder.



            7. The Tank Top 

            Tank tops can do so much more than that beach party. Accessories and fit are the keys to making your tank top styling successful. Take your tanks to new places with these options:


            • Layer a formal shirt over a tank top for the fitted shirt look without feeling too exposed.
            • Everyone can do the athleisure trend. Mix your tank with joggers, cross trainers, and a zip hoodie if the weather is cool.
              • Rock out with a fabulous denim jacket over a graphic tank top and distressed, dark wash or black jeans. Finish it off with chunky or sleek boots.




                 8. The Polo Shirt  

                This shirt style sports a collar, so it feels a bit dressy but offers some stretch in the fabric that lets you move more easily than a cotton or button down style. Here are three ways to make your polo perfect: 


                • Be ready for tee time, or just look like it with a fitted solid color polo shirt and printed shorts. Opt for a white shirt for an even preppier look.
                • A polo shirt collar peeking out from a fitted jacket is adorable and practical.
                • Another classic pairing that never goes out of style is the polo shirt with a fitted denim pencil skirt.


                  Some people seem born with that intangible ability to style anything, but the rest of us need a little help now and then. Fortunately, style doesn't have to be complicated. Find what you love, and be willing to try something new once in a while!