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The Democracy “Ab”solution jean

The Democracy “Ab”solution jean

The “Ab”solution jean.

Myth? Magic? Maybe it’s a little bit of both. 

When women who love Democracy tell their friends about our bottoms, they most commonly recommend the “Ab”solution jeans, so we thought we would tell you why.

It’s not mere myth or magic, but it is a well-constructed product, with a fit for every curve, that we made specifically for you. 


The jeans were born from the experience of our founder, Caren Lettiere. As a Mom who never quite lost all of the baby weight, finding premium quality jeans that appealed to her taste level and fit both her shape and her wallet was a very difficult challenge. As a professional woman seeking comfortable jeans for travel, the workplace, the sidelines of her kid’s soccer games, or date night with her husband, she also knew how crucial the right pair of jeans can be.

She needed the security of a go-to brand of jeans with a universal fit that she could rely on to feel confident and trend-right. So she began her quest to create the perfect jean that would become the stable foundation for the wardrobes of women of all shapes and sizes. Something that would help us all look good and feel good while doing good.


What makes the “Ab”solution jean unique


Founded on the principle of “curve equality,” which acknowledges that all shapes are different, but created equal, we designed a jean that maximizes a woman’s shape by fusing together style, comfort, and technology.

The “Ab”solution jean is constructed with premium denim fabrics that are soft and super stretchy and made in artisanal washes. It has feminine details that represent the brand's aesthetic and flattering style lines to enhance your shape. 


Tired of the big gap at the back of your waist when you bend down? Inside the waistband of the “Ab” solution jean, there's soft no gap elastic that molds and holds and conforms to your body shape. 


Looking for a perky rear view? With the “Ab”solution jean, we start with strategically placed pockets and darts that ease the excess fabric into the curve of our sweetheart shaped back yoke. That’s where the magic happens!  Our signature back yoke provides curve definition to create a little roundness at the top and that, combined with our pocket shape, essentially gives you a “booty lift”! (And who doesn’t want a booty lift?)


Now maybe you’re stressed out about your tummy (this is a judgment-free zone). The “Ab”solution jean has mesh panels in the front to smooth out your belly and, coupled with the no-gap elastic, molds and holds your shape.


We’ve also heard from so many of you who’ve just had a baby, and especially those who’ve had a C-section, that the elastic waistband and stretchy fabric of our “Ab”solution jeans bring you extra support and comfort during a sensitive time. In fact, we love all the feedback we receive from you and make sure that we read all of the emails, notes, and comments. Here are a few that make our heart sing: 

“I have always struggled to find jeans that fit until I found Democracy”

“The only jeans I wear”

“Democracy Jeans = Magic Jeans”

“Great jeans for women built with a boyish figure. Very comfortable and doesn't lose its shape.”
“Very, very comfortable! Tucks and shapes!!!! Love them!”

“Jeans are certainly NOT created equal. These jeans, if I may be so bold are LIFE CHANGING. They make me feel like a million bucks while somehow feeling like I’m wearing my pajamas.”

If you loved learning about how our “Ab” solution jean is different, I recommend checking out this video we recorded with 6 amazing women, of all different shapes, sizes, and heights.  We hope you’ll be inspired to look through our website and discover our universal fit for confidence.



CLICK HERE TO SHOP the “Ab”solution jean collection now!


P.S. One piece of feedback we hear often is how frustrating it is when the fabric between your legs wears...something commonly known as “chub rub!” Stay tuned for a future post about why this happens, what we’re exploring to fix this, and what you can do in the meantime.