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“Here’s the Rub” to a Denim Dilemma

“Here’s the Rub” to a Denim Dilemma

Some days we feel strong. Some days we feel like we are falling apart. Pressure points can be frustrating and can make us feel like we are unraveling. The same thing can happen to your jeans. The ripping that can happen along the thighs is sometimes referred to as “chub rub.” Democracy fans have let us know it can be a challenge and we want to let you know we are listening.

What To Do About Chub Rub

The results are in and our customers LOVE Democracy jeans. Our jeans are so well lived in that our devotees are literally wearing them out between the thighs. They also took a vote and decided they are all the way fed up with chub rub and we can’t help but agree. It’s pretty annoying. 

You see, we outfit multitasking women who are on the go all day every day, making stuff happen. They are changing the world in their Democracy jeans that are made with luxurious fabric that feels so soft. The friction created by the rubbing of a Democracy lover’s thighs can sometimes thin that precious cocoon of denim. That thinning can reduce the length of time our fans can enjoy a relationship with a single pair of jeans. 

Our fans have spoken. They know we made magic happen by providing jeans that mold and hold their shape, could we do the next maybe impossible thing and eliminate chub rub once and for all? Could we have the answer to this common problem among pant enthusiasts? 

Well, we are trying our very best to engineer a fabric solution but we don’t have a magic bullet yet.  In the meantime, we have some ideas that can help alleviate the frustration of seeing your favorite jeans fray like your patience while you wait in line at the DMV. 

Reducing Frequency of Washing 

With less frequent washing, the fabric of your Democracy jeans can better stand up against the demands of your day. Being immersed in water and tumbled around can be exhausting, imagine how tired your jeans are from being washed so much. Also, we’re basically encouraging you to do less laundry which is a win any way you cut it. It’s a “get out of laundry free” card!

Rotate Your Jeans

Give your jeans a break by rotating through more than one pair. Have you ever thought life would be easier if you could just clone yourself? Your jeans might feel the same way. Get yourself a few more pairs of magical Ab-solution jeans and put a little less pressure on your favorite pair to look perfect every day. 

Get Some Therapy 

Okay, not you, but your jeans (but get some for yourself if you think it would improve your life!). Your jeans might benefit from therapy. Companies like Denim Therapy can get your well-loved jeans back into great shape, reinforced and rehabilitated without looking or feeling awkward. They’ll feel just as resilient as you do after you’ve had a chance to talk about your troubles.

Patch Things Up 

You can’t always mend a broken heart, but sometimes you can mend a pair of broken jeans. There are lots of tutorials out there to help you fix the holes that can appear in the inner thigh area of your jeans. If your relationship with your jeans is coming apart at the seams, it might be time to patch things up. 

Cool Things Down

Putting your denim in a dryer breaks down the fabric which is why we suggest following these instructions: wash in cold water inside out on the gentle cycle and then hang to dry. This will help prolong the life of your jeans. Spandex breaks down in even a warm dryer so a hot dryer is just cruel and unusual punishment. You’ve gotta cool things down to keep your jeans looking hot. 

Democracy Jeans are the choice of women who are powerful in every way, and sometimes that includes their thighs. While we don’t have a magic wand to make chub rub vanish, we hope these tips can help you extend the life of your jeans so you can look and feel your best even longer. 

Have you dealt with chub rub? How do you avoid this dreaded denim drama? Message us on our contact us with your feedback