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Democracy Brings “Ab”solution to She Podcasts LIVE

If there is one thing that the most influential female voices in podcasting have demonstrated, it is this: never underestimate the power of an amazing pair of jeans. 


Thanks to Democracy Clothing, that truth was everywhere at the recent She Podcasts Live 2021 conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. The annual conference is the first-of-its-kind showcase of female and female-identifying voices in podcasting. Like Democracy’s mission of Curve Equality — which boldly declares that all shapes are different, but created equal — She Podcasts believes every woman’s voice is unique, beautiful and worthy of reaching its fullest potential. So when the opportunity arose for Democracy to partner with this active, vocal, inclusive audience, we knew they’d be a perfect fit.


We understand from experience that all it takes is one pair, one wear of our “Ab”solution jeans to convert anyone into a Democracy die-hard. So Democracy partnered with She Podcasts Live to offer all of their keynote speakers, volunteers and VIP attendees a complimentary pair of expertly styled “Ab”solution jeans to wear to the conference.


The idea to bring Democracy to She Podcasts Live came from Julie Neale, host of the Mother’s Quest Podcast and Democracy Clothing brand ambassador, who also happens to be the sister of Democracy's founder, Caren Lettiere. “I was certain this would be an aligned partnership," she said. "She Podcasts helps us connect to our voice and message and Democracy helps us connect to our confidence and empowerment. I knew that experiencing Democracy jeans, which helps us embrace who we are, could be transformative for the She Podcasts community," she said. 


VIP speaker, attendee and host of The Pillars, the Porch and the Path podcast Halicue Hanna agreed: “I’m so glad She Podcasts Live brought Democracy jeans and me together,” she said. “As a brand, Democracy is a really good fit, and not just for She Podcasts Live as a diverse and inclusive space. Democracy Clothing is a good fit for women like me, who don’t always fit in the ‘standard’ anything,” Halicue said. “Honestly, the second I put my Democracy jeans on I thought, ok these are my people. They see me. These jeans feel like my body size. I absolutely love wearing them.”


The show’s organizers, co-founders Jessica Kupferman and Elsie Escobar couldn’t agree more. The two audio pioneers founded She Podcasts — and the resulting 20k+ membership group and women-centric podcasting conference of the same name — with a mission to democratize female voices within the heavily male dominated world of podcasting. As their influence grew, so did their visibility.


“All of our sponsors are trying to truly engage our audience of highly vocal, highly influential women. For She Podcasts, it’s important to make sure all the companies we partner with align with our values of diversity, inclusion, equality, equity,” explained Jessica Kupferman, CEO and Co-founder of She Podcasts. “So when we heard about Democracy Clothing I was super excited to try them. And you know what? These jeans are legit,” she said. 


High praise from Kupferman — a notoriously hilarious podcaster who has earned a huge industry following for her tell-it-like-it-is on-air authenticity. 


It’s a sentiment she repeated while wearing a pair of figure-flattering boot-cut Democracy jeans alongside her co-founder, Elsie Escobar wearing dark skinny jeans on the main stage at She Podcasts Live 2021: “I mean look at us — we are a carrot (her) and a cabbage (me) — and we both look great in Democracy jeans.” 


Are you ready to experience the life-changing magic of Democracy jeans? 


We’re humbled to be a small part of an important mission to help more women share their voices with the world — and by becoming the go-to jeans for leaders like Elsie, Jess, and all the She Podcasts Live attendees. To learn more about She Podcasts, a weekly conversation between co-founders Elsie and Jess sharing the latest tips, gossip and industry insights, check out their website, Instagram, Facebook and their select group of members called the Super Squad


If you’re inspired by She Podcasts to raise your voice to make change in the world, feeling confident from the bottom up can make a big difference. Shop here to build your own solid foundation by picking out a pair of “Ab”solution jeans for yourself.


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