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Democracy at Work: School Crossing Guard

Carolina (Lena) Ayala-Velasquez


In a new series for the Democracy Blog, we’re excited to showcase the places and ways that you are making a difference on the job in your Democracy Clothing! As this academic year ends, we acknowledge all the adults like Lena who helped care for children and bring everyday magic to their school day. 

Where do you live?: Alameda, CA

Why did you become a crossing guard?:
I was looking for a role as a part-time teacher or nanny to help make ends meet. I loved the flexibility it gave me to be with my children and pursue my passion as a self-published author.

What most surprised you about the job?:
How much I love it! I’ve been able to build meaningful relationships with children and families and give input to the city about how to help improve the area and roads. 

What’s the special touch you bring to the role?:

I wanted to spark some joy and creativity in the midst of the pandemic. By using chalk on the sidewalk, I started leaving jokes, hopscotch, affirmations and questions to engage the children and families and make the walk to and from school more interesting.

What was the most memorable thank you message you received?:

I’ve received so much appreciation from children and adults. One child/family gave me a keychain with a stop sign; the boy said to me “this is so you don't forget me” and his mom shared how he now wants to be a crossing guard. 

What do you wear on the job?:

My highlighter yellow vest, whistle, comfy shoes, and my Democracy jeans have become my uniform. Being able to bend, play hopscotch, bike to work and walk in comfort in Democracy feels so good!


Lena is pictured above in our Puff Elbow Sleeve Dotimal Printed Tee &"Ab"solution® Light Blue Denim Chewed Hem Ankle Skimmer

You can follow Lena’s adventures as a Mom, author and crossing guard on IG @crossingguardchronicles. Her books can be found on Amazon. Stay tuned for the latest book that she’s writing this summer “Diary of a Crossing Guard!” 

Do you wear Democracy Clothing at a job you love? We’d love to hear your “Democracy at Work” story. Share a post on social media and tag us @democracyclothing and we may feature you next in our series.

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