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Best Postpartum Jeans For New Moms

Best Postpartum Jeans For New Moms

Having a child is a life-changing and momentous event for new parents. Welcoming your newest addition means a lot of changes for mom. Between pregnancy, birth, and the healing process, your body is likely eager to be comfortable and you’re ready to feel good about how you look. Once the baby is born, many moms make the switch from maternity clothing to postpartum.  


As much joy as a new baby brings, it can be hard for a new mom to find clothes that suit their postpartum body. Democracy Clothing is here to help you feel great in postpartum clothes and get out of your maternity clothing. Let’s dive into everything you need to know about postpartum jeans for new moms and how Democracy Clothing is the best place to find your new favorite pair of postpartum jeans.  


What Are Postpartum Jeans? 


woman maternity jeans outfit

The postpartum period can be a hard time dressing up. Chances are your pre-pregnancy jeans aren’t fitting quite comfortably and you no longer fill out your maternity clothes from your pregnancy. This is how the Democracy denim collection can help! We have mom jeans, leggings, and high-rise jeans that are sure to be your favorite jeans during the postpartum period. While yoga pants and leggings are comfortable, having a pair of postpartum pants that aren’t maternity jeans will help you feel and look great.  


Postpartum jeans are soft, stretchy, and comfortable jeans that are perfect for your postpartum recovery. The stretch around the waist and tummy is perfect for sensitive skin on the belly after the birth of a baby. Postpartum jeans offer gentle compression for the mom pooch just under the belly button to help heal the postpartum belly much like a belly band. Often postpartum leggings and jeans avoid zipper closure or other buttons that can irritate sensitive skin. They are often shaped like skinny jeans making them the perfect combination of denim and leggings with the support of a postpartum belly wrap.  


Postpartum Shopping Struggles 


black postpartum jeans

Shopping throughout motherhood, maternity, and postpartum can be a struggle for many women. Finding clothes that fit right, support your healing body, and make you look great seems impossible to some. Between nursing bras, and comfortable leggings, However, we don’t want to be in maternity leggings and bump maternity jeans forever! The "Ab"solution denim collection as well as the high rise denim from Democracy are perfect for providing the support and comfort your healing body needs while making you look and feel stylish and great. 


Other jeans like Levi Strauss look great but are not ideal for the healing postpartum body. Rough denim and zipper closures on the average pair of boyfriend jeans can irritate skin and cause quite a deal of discomfort during that sensitive time. Democracy Clothing jeggings and Absolution denim limit irritation as the waist sits about C-section scars while also providing comforting compression to promote healing and tummy control.  


Best Types Of Jeans For Postpartum 


postpartum jeans outfit

The best types of jeans for postpartum are those with soft and stretchy fabrics that are comfortable and supportive. Having some compression on the belly after a C-section or birth is a great way to promote the healing process and give you some well-deserved comfort. Many of them offer the comfort of leggings with the added style boost of looking great.  


The best types of jeans for postpartum women are those made from the right material but also of the right cut. High-waist and mid-rise jeans are best for postpartum denim. They sit above C-section scars and provide tummy control through comfortable compression. Skinny jeans and mom jeans tend to look best with higher-rise jeans and also make you look great. It would be best to avoid low-rise jeans that may sit at an uncomfortable place on your tummy. Low-rise can not provide the compression and tummy control offered by higher-rise denim like those in Democracy Clothing’s Absolution collection.  


Democracy For Finding The Best Jeans For Postpartum 


postpartum jeans outfit sweatshirt

Democracy offers the best jeans for postpartum women. In addition to the fabulous styles and comfortable designs, we love to offer you advice and guides on style in our blogs. With topics covering everything from what are mom jeans to the best shapewear for 2023, we love to help women find clothes that they feel fantastic in. We offer styling guides and everything else you need to know to find the perfect pair of jeans and style them in ways that make you feel beautiful and comfortable all at the same time.  


The denim collection at Democracy is also ideal for finding the best postpartum jeans. The Absolution collection provides the comfort and style that many women are looking for post-pregnancy. With soft, super-stretchy denim fabric, hidden elastic waistbands, and mesh panels for slimming tummy control, the Absolution denim collection is sure to be your next new favorite pair of jeans. Democracy also offers great high-waist and mid-rise jeans as well as jeggings which means you have plenty of postpartum options to choose from!