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Body Type 101: Best Jeans for Rectangle Body Shape

Have you ever noticed that certain clothing items fit some people great but don’t look as flattering on others? A lot of this has to do with body shape! If you are looking to start wearing clothes that compliment your figure and accentuate your best features, finding out your body type is a great way to begin. Democracy clothing takes pride in offering jeans for all shapes and sizes so that you can look and feel fantastic. In this article, we’re going to go over everything you need to know about the best jeans for rectangle-shaped figures.   


What Is Rectangle Body Shape? 


Rectangle-shaped women tend to have a very straight silhouette. Hips and shoulders tend to be approximately the same width and rectangle shapes have little to no waist definition. The rectangle body type does not have many curves. You’ll know if you have a rectangle-shaped body if the measurements of your shoulders, waist, and hips are all roughly the same.  


How To Tell Your Body Shape 


rectangle body shape jeans back

The first step towards finding the best jeans and outfits for you is determining your body type. There are five main body shapes and most women fall under one of the categories. Here’s a quick summary of each body to shape to see which one closest fits your figure: 


  • Rectangle: Typically characterized by broad shoulders and hips that are around the same width. Does not have a very defined waist.  
  • Apple: Larger bust and broad shoulders with an undefined waist and slender legs.  
  • Inverted Triangle: Broad shoulders with a narrow waist. Usually have a smaller bottom and slender legs.  
  • Hourglass: Shoulders and hips are proportional with a defined waist. Usually, have larger busts and bottoms.  
  • Pear: Narrower shoulders and small waist with larger bottom and thighs. 


In this article, we’re focusing on rectangle body shape outfits and jeans. If you are a different body type, you’ll find lots of style guides for body shapes and other helpful fashion tips in the blog section.  


How To Dress Rectangle Body Shape 


rectangle body shape outfit

Rectangle body shapes can dress in a wide variety of clothing. Since everything is relatively the same width, you don’t need to work on balancing out a heavier torso or heavier hips.


The main goal in dressing to impress as a rectangle-shaped woman is to wear clothing that creates the illusion of curves and a defined waist. This can be achieved with high-waisted pants or trousers as well as belts around the waist on looser tops.  


Rectangle body shapes tend to have slim legs which are great to show off in skirts and skinny jeans. In general, it’s best to avoid shapeless or boxy clothing. This type of clothing can create an unbalanced look for rectangle body types.  


Best Jeans For Rectangle Body Shape 


Rectangle body shapes can get away with a lot of different jean styles. The main goal is to make sure they fit well and don’t upset the balance of your natural figure. Wearing slouchy jeans or unstructured pants may make your torso look unevenly smaller than your legs. Many rectangle shapes like to wear skinny jeans and straight-leg jeans to show off their legs. These are some of the most flattering jeans for this body type as well as the high-waisted jean that helps create the look of a defined waist.  


If you have a rectangle body shape, you can also wear bootcut jeans, flared jeans, boyfriend jeans, and trouser jeans that have a similar fit to wide-leg jeans but are more fitted in the butt area. Mom jeans are also a great choice for rectangles as they typically have a high waist and a relaxed straight-leg fit through the pants. You can find all these and more in the denim collection.  


Best Jeans For Tall Rectangle Body Shape 


Tall rectangle body shapes look great in high-waisted straight jeans and bootcut styles. Flares and mom jeans are also great options. Tall rectangle shapes should try to avoid baggy or shapeless clothes that create imbalanced figures as they can be a bit more exaggerated on taller bodies. Tall women can also rock cropped jeans and cuffed jeans without it making their legs look short.  


Best Jeans For Short Rectangle Body Shape 


rectangle body shape jeans side


Short rectangle body types look great in mid to high-rise jeans like those available in the Absolution denim collection. This collection features an inner mesh lining that uses soft compression to accentuate the waist and provide a lift to the booty as well.


These are great for all body shapes but short rectangle body figures will find them to be super flattering.  


In general, shorter bodies should also avoid low-rise jeans as they tend to make legs look shorter. This is a bit more true for shorter rectangle bodies as low-rise jeans also do nothing to accentuate the waist or add definition to the waist which is a good goal for rectangles.  


How to Style Your Jeans 


Since rectangle-shaped bodies work with so many different styles, you have endless outfit opportunities! Many stylists recommend attracting attention away from the waist by wearing bright-colored shoes or fun patterns for the best tops. This brings the eye to either extreme and creates the illusion of a defined waist. Round or embellished necklines are perfect for attracting attention away from the waist and are very flattering for rectangle shapes. They also look fantastic with jeans! 


Rectangles can also balance out a straight silhouette by using belts or scarves to cinch the waist on flowy tops or tunics. You can also achieve this with a wrap top. Find more inspiration for styling your jeans for your rectangle body shape in our fashion tops. Rectangle shapes have a ton of options and can have a lot of fun styling outfits with their new Democracy jeans so get creative and feel great about how you look!

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