Three Generations: Working It From Home

In the wake of a global health crisis, home has become the center of our worlds. Our whole lives unfold right where we live. And, thanks to a special partnership we’ve been building with Home Shopping Network, Democracy Clothing fashion now reaches you at yours!


Our collaboration represents an intimate way to introduce our curated offerings directly to viewers at home, including our fashion tops and jackets and "Ab"solution Technology in cargo pants, ankle skimmers, jeggings, and itty bitty boot cut jeans. It also gives us an opportunity to explain the thought process behind our designs; the why behind the what. 


When we finalized plans to debut Democracy Clothing on HSN, we never could have imagined just how transformative that relationship would become. As our nation sheltered in place, being able to deliver Democracy Clothing in real time to our customers, in your kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms, has become a powerful way to reach you.


But, to make this possible, we had to innovate. Because Caren couldn't travel from California to HSN in Florida to film our segments, she turned her living room into a studio, Skyping in remotely and putting “home” in the Home Shopping Network in a whole new way!


All in the family...on the Home Shopping Network

Through all of the recent events, family has also become more crucial than ever. Given the reality of COVID limitations, our HSN appearances have also become a family affair, with Caren hosting in our clothes and also recruiting models from her inner circle - her daughter Nicole and most recently, her mom Fran!


The last broadcast was a truly inter-jean-erational fashion event and an amazing opportunity to demonstrate that Democracy Clothing is multi-generational in the most authentic way.  Grandmother, Mother and Daughter each brought their own essence to the same clothing without losing their individuality. Three different generations, three different body types, three different personal styles... all in the same size and same transformational brand.


Home and family coming together in new ways to demonstrate how we can bring curve equality to every living room, every age and every life stage. In a time where there is so much to worry about, finding something to wear that makes you feel good and look good, doesn’t need to be one of them.


What does your style at home look like? We hope you’ll tune into our next Home Shopping Network broadcast, pick out a featured item and then share your #JeanJourney with us.


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