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Democracy Clothing at Work Brand Astrologist Leslie Tagorda

Democracy at Work: Brand Astrologist, Leslie Tagorda

Continuing this series for the Democracy Blog, we’re excited to showcase the places and ways you make a difference on the job in your Democracy Clothing. Our first post of the new year kicks off with Democracy fan Leslie Tagorda, a Hawaii-born, Filipino, Jewish brand astrologer, designer, podcast host and author who helps change-making women tap into their unique leadership strengths by looking to the stars. 

Where do you live?

San Francisco, CA

When did you first become interested in astrology? 

Ever since I could remember, I wanted to study the stars. At age 6, I proclaimed that I wanted to be a star scientist. But it wasn’t until a class assignment in 6th grade, when I discovered I was an Aquarius, and learned about the meaning of the stars, that I was truly hooked!

How did you become a brand astrologist?

I studied astrology on my own for all my life. Then, after careers as a classical musician, and a web and brand designer, I looked to my natal chart - an in-depth map of all the planetary positions at the time of my birth - and realized that astrology could provide a framework for understanding my unique leadership in the world. I began integrating astrology into my brand business and it’s been amazing to see the results for my visionary entrepreneurial and change-making clients.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love that I get to meet so many purposeful people that want to change the world and to see their faces light up when we reframe ways of seeing their work through the archetypal lens of astrology.  It’s amazing to help people tap into their purpose and potential, and how they can express it, through their “star powers.”

What’s the special touch you bring to your work?

I’m always looking to the future and thinking about how we can do things differently to make our world a more just place. I believe in reconnecting with our roots and revolutionizing traditional and ancient ways of doing and being into our modern world. 

What do you appreciate about the Democracy Brand?

Democracy means freedom and liberation to me. In my work, I aim to show people that they have the freedom to go after their dreams and reframe societal shoulds. Democracy Clothing allows me to dress and embody my values. 

Leslie is pictured above in our 3/4 Sleeve Half Placket High Low Hem Satin Top, Dark Indigo "Ab"solution® Petite Jegging & "Ab"solution® High Rise Petite Black Denim Skinny Jeans.

Learn more about Leslie’s work and her book Star Powered Brand at You can also tune into her podcast Star Powered and follow along for new episodes and insights on IG @newmooncreativeco.

Do you wear Democracy Clothing at a job you love? We’d love to hear your “Democracy at Work” story. Share a post on social media and tag us @democracyclothing and we may feature you next in our series.