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Body Type 101: Best Jeans for Inverted Triangle

Body Type 101: Best Jeans for Inverted Triangle

woman inverted triangle body type


Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and that is a very beautiful thing. Finding our body shape can help us dress so that we are comfortable and look fantastic in our outfits. When it comes to building up outfits, you can’t get more variety than you get from a great pair of flattering jeans. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the inverted triangle shape body as well as how to dress it and the best denim for your figure. Democracy clothing features a wide range of denim options so you can find your next favorite pair of jeans.  


What Is An Inverted Triangle Body Shape? 


There are quite a few different body shapes that most women fall under. Our body shapes show which parts of our figure are larger or smaller and how defined our waists are. When it comes to an inverted triangle body shape, you’ll find features like broader shoulders with a narrow waist and hips. Some people also refer to this body type as the “swimmer’s body” because of its wide shoulders, slim hips, and slender legs. The inverted triangle body shape typically has amazing legs to show off which is great for denim.  


How to Tell Your Body Shape 


The first step towards finding the best jeans and outfits for you is determining your body type. There are five main body shapes and most women fall under one of the categories. Here’s a quick summary of each body to shape to see which one closest fits your figure: 


  • Rectangle: Typically characterized by broad shoulders and hips that are around the same width. Does not have a very defined waist.  
  • Apple: Larger bust and broad shoulders with an undefined waist and slender legs.  
  • Inverted Triangle: Broader shoulders with a narrow waist. Usually have a smaller bottom and slender legs.  
  • Hourglass: Shoulders and hips are proportional with a defined waist. Usually, have larger busts and bottoms.  
  • Pear: Narrower shoulders and small waist with larger bottom and thighs.  


In this article, we’re focusing on inverted triangle body shape outfits and jeans. If you are a different body type, you’ll find lots of style guides for body shapes and other helpful fashion tips in the blog section.  


How To Dress Inverted Triangle Body Shape 


inverted triangle body shape outfit

Once you know your body type, you can dress to impress and style your outfits to highlight your best features. For inverted triangle-shaped women, you’ll want to find tops that best suit your broad shoulders and bottoms that accentuate your long slender legs. The best clothes for the inverted triangle-shaped figure include blouses and low-cut tops like v-necks. This help to balance out broad shoulders against narrow hips.  


You can have lots of fun with tops when you’re putting outfits together. The fashion tops from Democracy clothing go great with the denim collection for just about any occasion. Let’s take a look at the best jean style for inverted triangle-shaped bodies so you can get started on styling.


Best Jeans For Inverted Triangle Body Shape 


The inverted triangle body shape is incredibly versatile when it comes to jeans. The main type of jeans you will want to avoid is skinny jeans that don’t add too much as far as waist definition and can make your torso look larger. Aside from that, triangle body shapes do well with so many different styles including: 



These styles of jeans are not as fitted as skinny jeans so they create a balancing effect from the hips down. Flare jeans and wide-leg jeans are especially great for inverted triangle body shapes. High-rise jeans may also be good for your body type but may shorten the torso of shorter inverted triangle shapes so make sure you feel good in this style when putting outfits together.  


Best Jeans For Tall Inverted Triangle Body Shape 


Tall inverted triangle body shapes have lots of options for denim. This figure tends to do better with high-waisted jeans as it doesn’t shorten the torso as much. It still helps to stay away from skinny jeans as they tend to add more weight to broad shoulders.  


Look for straight jeans, bootcut, or wide-leg jeans that help to balance out the slimness of your lower half. Mom jeans and boyfriend jeans also look great on the tall inverted triangle women. You can also look for low-waisted denim to show off your slim hips and legs.  


Best Jeans For Short Inverted Triangle Body Shape 


best inverted triangle jeans

Those with shorter heights and the inverted triangle figure do very well with wide-leg jeans and pants with pockets on the side to help balance out broad shoulders. It’s best to avoid skinny jeans and cropped pants as they can make your legs look shorter. The main goal with dressing for your body shape is to balance out your features so opt for jeans that widen your legs and hips.  


Jeans with a flare or embellishment on the hemline are great for short women with an inverted triangle body shape. These embellishments whether they be embroidery, fringe, or a rough cut, help to draw the eye down the leg. This helps make your legs appear longer and the flare helps to balance your figure.  


How to Style Your Jeans 


Styling jeans is so fun and convenient. It’s easy to dress them up with a silky blouse or tailored jacket and it’s easy to make it casual with a t-shirt and sneakers. If you want to style your jeans for your inverted triangle body shape, you’ll want to balance out your torso with long, deep necklines and asymmetrical tops. Your jeans will add some curves to your legs, especially if you opt for Absolution denim that features an inner mesh lining to hug your curves and offer soft compression to the tummy. You truly have so many options as an inverted triangle shape so have fun with the outfits you create with your new favorite pair of jeans!